Like Crazy


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Anton Yelchin as Jacob
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Reviewed by cinemajesty 5 / 10

Generation lost, Generation strange, Generation lost again

One of Sundance Film Festivals favorite director Drake Doremus, involved in sharing first looks of his picture since January 22nd 2010 with the tragic-comedy "Douchebag" before striking a notch the year after with "Like Crazy" under participation of well-involved cast from actress Fecility Jones as Anna, already-deceased-with-age-27 actor Anton Yelchin (1989-2016) as Jacob and over-flying actress Jennifer Lawrence as Sam with approximately no more than 10 Minutes screen-time in an unchallenged role of some pleasures but insignificant for this Sundance Lab co-produced drama on a GB/US couple, portrayed by Yelchin & Jones going through the struggle of a generation on the verge of slipping to annihilation.

The utterly uninspired cinematography, designed to be shot by Drake Doremus faithful collaborator the lighting cameraman John Guleserian, which as far as I can see from here improved his skills in "Equals" (2015), which had been a misfire for the director at the Venice Film Festival on September 5th 2015 to enter an internationally relative stage; further chosen set pieces in painstaking-ordinary production design towards a simple replication of common life of young adults in their 20s, who find love, lose it, twist it, change it and find it again, if to say nothing short as an unfocused picture, which only potential, I would not strength, could have been to push the actors out of their comfort zone under a cold water shower before sunrise at 4:45AM every given shooting day. Drake Doremus does not do anything like that to awake his cast out of their hush-hush love-you, hate-you, love-you-again-mode, which may be close to life itself in one world, but unfortunately the approach does not work for a cinematic experience, instead warmed-up food from the Lab's microwave.

Nevertheless some scenes of "Like Crazy" show the cast's initial will to fulfill their mission of coming full circle with the roles given, supporting the director Drake Doremus to at least be able to finish his picture, which worked out for the director for quite some time in the past. On January 25th 2017, Drake Doremus presented his fourth picture in seven years at the Sundance Film Festival. A film called "Newness" on people in their 20s and early 30s, who define their relationships over media-striking hookup devices.

It becomes clear to me after watching "Like Crazy" and without having seen Drake Doremus' complete filmography, that the director has become somehow tiresome with his own subject matter on explaining, but not being able to visualize the struggle of generation, which seems to have everything and nothing in a split of a second; a nerve-wrecking state which drives the majority to settle with the smallest piece of splendor they are given; in Drake Doremus' case, a constant production crew without questioning nor challenging himself, what lies beyond of a hammer-splintered cellphone, a stolen car and to second Monsieur Jean-Luc Godard's approach of dramatic tension in relationships of the opposite sexes "A Gun".

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Reviewed by Dave 2 / 10

Not believable or entertaining

This is a romantic drama film which stars Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin as a young couple in a transatlantic relationship.

They're supposedly in love with, and devoted to, each other - yet they each have sex with someone else when they're not together!

This film was falsely promoted as starring Jennifer Lawrence. She's only in the film for several minutes - her character has no personality and doesn't say much.

Reviewed by twister 4 / 10

Not what it was presented to be

Without giving any spoilers, I must say I do not recommend this movie. After viewing it, I was left with a feeling of confusion and I've read the the screenplay was written add-hoc which would explain why the movie feels random, in a bad way. I think there are other more interesting films out there which share a relatable love story without constantly giving the impression that the main characters do not actually try to find a way to be together and even though they are offered options they seem to hesitate until it's too late for their romance to actually continue.

All in all, I give 4/10 for the main female character which was courageous and interesting in her own way.

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