IMDb Rating 3 10 109

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Vernon Wells as Phillip
Devanny Pinn as Lilith
Felissa Rose as Lilith

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcupp-89459 2 / 10


LAME! First ten minutes into this movie and I had to turn it off. Dialog is horrible, scenes are predictable, and the acting is bad.

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1 / 10

Yet Another Abject Piece of Garbage with Phony Good Reviews

This movie is one gigantic piece of garbage. Excruciatingly badly directed with no real plot and non-existent acting. Writing? I get the feeling this script was written by that one in six billion monkeys who randomly typed on the keyboard.

IMDB says the budget of $300K. They should have bought a house and had an investment that would give returns.

Reviewed by Fortressofdoors 2 / 10

2 dudes in a hot tub and 3 inches of separation

I'm expecting someone to give ME $20,000 for sitting through the first 21 minutes of this. At least I made it twice as long as the other reviewer. With a little makeup after effects, anyone can make a movie these days.

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