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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10


I liked this documentary for many reasons but the biggest one is that it imparts so much information so efficiently you COULD consider skipping some of the epic films that talk about these events. For example, the TBS-produced film "Gettysburg" is 19230234034820895 hours long (so it seemed--it's actually only 271 minutes--which is STILL way too long)-- and yet you can get a lot more out of "[email protected]" and it's under an hour...and you learn an awful lot of what was in the big-budget "Lincoln" now that I think about it!

The documentary does a great job of humanizing the president. It is it correct in presenting Lincoln as VERY politically and tech savvy for the 1860s. His image as a backwoods rail-splitter and teller of folksy stories was only partially true--much of it was carefully created to make him approachable to voters. No, he was actually extremely bright and able--not some hillbilly who made good! Additionally, he made great use of his speeches, telegraph systems and was very much the Commander in Chief--all while battling huge family problems.

Additionally, it does a wonderful job of SUCCINCTLY summing up the battle (producers of "Gettysburg" take note!). You get a great feel for what occurred, the mistakes and the successes. All this, of course, is a prelude to the show talking about Lincoln's famed Gettysburg Address and its impact on American history.

Considering that I am a retired American history teacher and LOVE history, it says a lot when I give this a 10. I can be VERY picky and often spot serious errors--but this one just seemed perfect in about every way.

Reviewed by adventurefilmmaker 4 / 10

Warning: Flashes

Gimmicky editing effects and flashing strobes at virtually every shot transition make this interesting subject virtually unwatchable for some of us.

Reviewed by n8vz 9 / 10

Good movie -- lot's of interesting stuff about the telegraph

This is overall a very good TV movie. Covers a lot of interesting stuff about how high-tech old Abe was in his use of the telegraph, a relatively new invention at the time of the Late Rebellion. As an amateur radio operator (ham), I found this particularly interesting.

In response to gwmasse, I don't know about removed reviews, but in answer to your basic question: The war was about slavery, primarily. It's true, as you state, that initially Lincoln did not make the ending of slavery a war aim. That changed after the Emancipation Proclamation. However, at the very beginning of the war all the leaders of the Confederacy made it perfectly clear that they were leaving the Union mainly over the fear that the "Black Republicans" and the Lincoln administration were about to put into place policies that would lead to the eventual dismantling of the "peculiar institution." Read CSA VP Stephens now infamous "cornerstone" speech .

I hope that helps put this issue in perspective.

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