Little Fish


Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 525

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Carmen Moore as Dr. Dormer
Soko as Samantha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by babyjaguar 7 / 10

A Hipster's Love Crisis in an Anthropocenic World!

This is a good reworking of Japanese American writer, Aja Gabel's 2011 short story. It's almost creepy, in that its subject matter only timely reflecting this present pandemic!

The film flows as a slowburner, a love story dealing with a degenerative illness affecting people's memory. Olivia Cooke is great as "Emma" as she deals with people she loves, fallen to the pandemic.

It also questions, isolation and the film's empathy is brought forth with science and the possible "cure". Using a fictional bay area landscape, it's palette of Grey's, blues, etc. are personafied through the film's cinematography.

This film is also reminiscent somewhat of George Romero's 1973 "The Crazies" (although I doubt that this film was being referenced by this film's production nor Aja Gabel's story). It worth a look, it's somber, almost bittersweet.

Reviewed by margarida-44311 10 / 10

Secret Masterpiece

I wonder if the people who rated this movie actually watched until the end. I doubt it. Not because it only becomes good at the end, no. But because of how brilliant the end is. This is one of he best romances I've watched. The cinematography is beautiful as well as the music. The main actors are incredible. The moments, scenes... everything really connects in such a beautiful way. Not only I found it one of the 2020 best movies, it definitely earns a place on my top movies of all time. Highly recommend it

Reviewed by coolsudheera 10 / 10

An emotional masterpiece!!!

This non linear romantic sci fi drama is about a gradual memory losing pandemic called Neuro Inflammatory Affliction (NIA). The story revolves around a newly wedded couple Emma, a caring veterinary doctor and Jude, a previously musician turned into a photographer. While the close loved ones are losing their precious memories how will this lovely couple manage to cope with the impending doom? The wonderful title resembles many meanings including the cute proposal took place standing near a fish tank in a pet shop having little fish with no clues around as in dementia. Hence the little fish tattoos on their ankles. Sounds romantic huh! Yeah the chemistry and the performance is ground breaking and natural! Cinematography is stunning! Movie is thought provoking, emotion pouring, highly inspirational. DO NOT MISS THIS masterpiece unless you are really sensitive (since this is little depressing subject matter)! Movie emphasizes that the very real world around us is actually a creation of our own mind with memories! What are we without memories? This movie surely will echo in our hearts for years to come!

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