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Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Hendrickson
Milburn Stone as Prof. Watkins
Bud Abbott as Eddie L. Morrison / T.S. Chandler
Elena Verdugo as Martha Hill
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Reviewed by Ziglet_mir 8 / 10

Little Giant Cleans The Air!

What first pops into your head when you think of the names Abbott and Costello?... Most anyone you ask will say slapstick, humor beyond it's years, and acting of the most ridiculous scenarios of their time.

All I have to say is that "Little Giant" defies it all. This film is thankfully free of all those "thrown in" ditties in every other A&C film (besides "Who Done It?" at this time), and finally gives Lou the main romance. The duo, although not working as a comedic team, pull off a great film with the unseen talents (at the time) of each other.

Abbott and Costello were a great duo making people laugh for a good 20 years (I believe). The general population of people will tell you that both A&C were ONLY made for comedy, and that is where they're wrong.

"Little Giant" is a film which contains the rare abilities of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello acting out a character driven drama. First, the supporting cast is phenomenal with the talents of Brenda Joyce, Jacqueline deWit, and George Cleveland as the people who take Costello under their wing at his new job.

Then the charming Elena Verdugo plays Lou's love interest. She doesn't drop the ball... and Lou and herself play it off as a poor, soon-to-be-married couple who would like to settle down. And we see clearly that Lou doesn't love anyone more than his mother who takes care of him and believes in him.

Bud Abbott executes his roles firmly as (both of) Costello's sales bosses, and shows how much more of an acting ability he had playing two roles that parallel each other from the extremes.

And finally, Lou Costello... plays a poor farm-town boy-- clumsy yes... but out to prove he can be a salesman. His character has a lack of confidence and throughout the film we see him slowly take low blows from the other salesman he comes to meet. There are a few scenes which made me really feel for Lou's struggling character. When the salesman are making fun of him without him knowing, and especially when he's standing in the mud- as miserable as anyone can be- looking at the mangled bird cage, that had the bird he so willingly wanted to give his mother... bringing home nothing else but his failed attempts to be successful.

This film is NOT completely sad-- (if that's how I'm making it out to be...) there are moments where you can really smile toward Lou's character.

Costello also manages to throw in a few laughs when he can, and one of the ol' A&C skits are thrown in (7x13=28).

Really-- Bud and Lou really hit something here... maybe not a perfect film, but one enough to make you really feel for the struggling protagonist. And honestly, not many comedians can really pull these kind of performances off...

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

A truly unique Abbott and Costello film that I really liked...really!

This is one of Abbott and Costello's most unusual films, as it's the first of two that made where the characters were NOT friends. In addition, Bud Abbott plays dual roles--one a nice enough guy and the other a total scum-bag! Plus, and here's the oddest part, the film is a traditional story in many ways-as both play honest-to-goodness people! As a result, it really isn't a comedy per se--as the film is not built around gags but people. Sure, there are a few laughs here and there, but that is all.

While I know that the film was a bit of a flop and many people disliked its style, I frankly liked it because it was such a departure. You see, by 1946, the team had already made 16 films in only 6 years--and all but one of them (WHO DONE IT!) followed roughly the same formula. With this formula, there was a love story, some Abbott and Costello comedy and lots of singing. As far as the love story goes, this time it actually involves Lou and a girl back home. However, there is no singing and little what anyone would consider comedy.

I think one thing that bothered people is the pathos in the film. Lou plays a nice guy who gets hurt pretty badly at times in the film. You want him to win but time and again, jerks take advantage of him. Near the very end, this hit practically epic proportions, though smartly, the film didn't stay mired too long in pathos--coming to a nice and quick resolution.

The film begins with Lou living on the farm with his Mom. He wants to make good, so he's been taking a correspondence course in salesmanship. Unfortunately, he isn't very good at it and when he goes to the big city to make his mark, he makes a mess of it. He loses his job and gets another job with the same vacuum cleaner company in another town. However, in an odd twist, his co-workers play a joke on him--convincing him he's psychic. The gag works too well, as Lou is convinced it's real. The jokes on them when he turns into an amazing salesman--setting a sales record the very next day.

As for Bud, in Los Angeles, he plays a crooked and thoroughly nasty jerk. He takes pleasure in firing Lou and it's interesting to see them working against each other instead of with each other. In his next job, Lou goes to work for Bud's cousin--played once again by Bud (with a slightly different hairdo). This time, he's more of a normal guy and confides in Lou that he can't stand his stupid cousin in L.A.! It was an interesting acting challenge for Bud--as rarely did any of his characters in other film have any depth. Here, he plays two parts and quite well. In fact, it worked out well enough that they had him do the same in the next film, THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES. Another, more practical reason they did this was because Bud and Lou were having a horrible spat at the time--and they would only play in films where they acted separately!! Fortunately for the team, the managed to patch things up for other films.

One of the only comedy routines in the film was also used in one of the team's earlier films, IN THE NAVY. This is the funny math routine where Lou explains (rather convincingly) that 7x13=21! While it is a retread, it's redone well.

Overall, while this is hated by most people, I liked the film a lot--nearly giving it a 9. Why? Originality and both Bud and Lou stretched themselves--trying new things even if the public wasn't 100% ready for THIS big a change. Maybe much of the reason I respect this film so much is that I have re-seen all the Abbott and Costello films leading up to LITTLE GIANT and it just felt like a breath of fresh air seeing such a completely original film.

Reviewed by SanteeFats 7 / 10

Not bad at all

This Abbott and Costello movie was a departure from their norm. Bud plays a dual role as the number two man in a large vacuum cleaner company with offices all over and also he plays a cousin exiled to Stockton with impossible quotas, both are pretty straight ones. Lou gets the funny man role as usual. He plays a farm boy who has taken a mail order course by records no less on being a salesman. He goes to the big city to try and get a job, screws it up and gets sent to the Stockton branch. Here he gets fooled in to believing he can read minds, goes out and breaks the all time one day sales record by selling nine cleaners. Meanwhile Bud in his main role has been keeping not only double books but skimming off the profits into a secret account. Then at a company meeting Lou finds out the mind reading thing was all a hoax, so he goes back home only to find the company president and some others waiting. They want to hire him as the regional sales manager for his local area and so all ends well. Oh yeah he also gets the girl.

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