Little Sorcerer


Adventure / Animation / Family

IMDb Rating 7 10 168

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Space_Girl84 2 / 10

Definitely not for grown ups! Kind of boring for kids.

I was very bored. My daughter and her friends were glued to it but afterwards they didn't say much about it... no excitement or talking about the characters. The story was dull and the characters were boring. It's also not funny whatsoever. Giving it a 2, not a 1 as I'm grateful to have been able to go to the cinema... was waiting for a kid movie to come out for weeks to take my daughter. Also, the few songs in it were kind of cute. Watch it if there is nothing else to watch!

Reviewed by emeliemommy 1 / 10

Hot garbage

This movie was hot garbage. I started to fall asleep and had to fight it with all my might to be able to get thru it. I ended up going on my mobile device to keep from falling asleep. One kid in the theater kept running up and down because this movie was far from entertaining. The storyline was all over the place and had some really weird animation. Had I realized my child I fallen asleep I would've left instead of being tortured by sitting thru this film. We should've went and watched Batman or Spiderman instead.

Reviewed by MysticalWalnut 2 / 10


I can't recommend anybody spend money taking their kids to see this, your money and time would be better spent on nearly anything.

Honestly I've seen better animation and voice acting in shows made entirely for YouTube by 1 or 2 people. Cineplex should be embarrassed by this, it's bad to the point that even my 3 and 5 year old kept asking when it would be over. I could forgive the nonsense story, the lacklustre animation and the middle school play quality voice acting if my kids had enjoyed it even a little. At least they enjoyed the popcorn.

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