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Reviewed by westsideschl 7 / 10

Different Forms of Violence

This doc follows four women using the arts - music, art, design, dance to help in providing solutions for women encountering the many faces of violence in places like India, Kenya, Senegal. Male history has placed the onus on the victim for its many ways of female enslavement. This dominion incorporates asset control, role guilt, child marriages, domestic violence, FGM, acid attacks, foot binding, and stoning.

Looking at the issue of FGM addressed in this doc: Some ethnic groups in Asian countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka ) practice FGM. In the Middle East, the practice occurs in Oman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine and Israel. Only some Islamic groups practice FGM, but it's also found with Christians, Ethiopian Jews, and certain African traditions. Africa countries with high prevalence rates (> 85%) Somalia, Egypt and Mali. Low rates (< 30%) Senegal, Central African Republic and Nigeria. In Indonesia, home to the world's largest Muslim population, a full ban is unlikely because of a lack of support from the country's religious leaders.

One would think that the moral compass of religions would be a safety net for women, but since all the major religions were created for an illiterate populace where strength governed the ethos so we find examples such as Sharia law being overseen by males, "Women should not go outside and attract unnecessary attention. If a woman shows herself, she will be cursed by Islamic sharia, and should never expect to go to heaven."; in Judaism the patriarchs write rules which see women as jealous, vain, lazy and gluttonous; likely to gossip and receptive to the occult/witchcraft; in Christianity the Catholic, Orthodox, LDS religions simply exorcised the word "égalité". In Catholic Brazil a domestic violence law took until 2006 to be passed.

Similar docs worth seeing are: "Difret"; "The Cut"; "A Suitable Girl", "He Named Me Malala".

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