Live Free or Die Hard


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 381575

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Bruce Willis as John McClane
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucy Gennaro McClane
Timothy Olyphant as Thomas Gabriel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dv909 9 / 10

This movie is not only "Die Hard" x 4...

...but literally a quadruple serving of awesome "Die Hard" action.

My girlfriend and I saw "Live Free Or Die Hard" at a premiere screening last night at Radio City Music Hall. The place holds about 5,000 seats and it was packed.

With an 8:30 start, we got to our seats by 7:30. The movie didn't begin until 9:30!!! Guess who was late?

Julie and I are not particularly big 'Die Hard' fans. And having to catch a train home from Grand Central station at a certain time, we both agreed that if the movie was sub-par, we would split early to get home earlier.

So finally the lights go down around 9:20 and out comes Bruce Willis. He respectfully apologized and then started jazzing up the audience for the film. The excitement was palpable as the crowded theater whooped it up with Bruce shouting "Are you ready!!!"

Well, Julie and I were, as we got swept up in the excitement and cheered aloud as if we were at the ball game. Even the couple next to us, I'd say they were about in their late sixties, dressed very 'proper', were just as energized.

The movie starts and a mere few minutes in, the action explodes. By twenty minutes into the film, Julie and I were sold. Who cares what time we're gonna get home!?

I have not had this much fun at the movies since I can't remember when. I have always loved summer movies, but only the ones that deliver the goods. The action sequences are top shelf, 21st century movie making brilliance. These explosive scenes are a seamless composite of fantastic, real world stunt work, and exceptional CGI. Hands down, they make the film. And for an action movie with 'die hard' in the title, I'd say that was the point.

It was awesome watching this film with so many people because it was like riding a gigantic roller coaster, with everybody having a shared, hair raising experience. People were cheering like when Luke blew up the Death Star. The humor throughout was just right. By the end of the film, our senses were stunned as we dizzily made our way out of the theater, thoroughly entertained.

Excellent summer movie! Well done Bruno and crew!

Reviewed by pastaproductions 3 / 10

What is wrong with everybody???

8.1? Most of the time I easily accept that many people love movies that I myself totally hate and vice versa. its OK, opinions just vary. But in this case I simply don't get it. How can somebody who is a fan of the first Die Hard possibly give this one such a high rating??- given that not all voters are confused misguided 15 year old who might have dubious judging criteria at times...

A few reasons for being so utterly disappointed

1. Okay, this is just me: I would have liked to see a little more of Mclane's contemporary everyday life ( AA meeting perhaps...) just to get to see the character and how he's changed a while longer before the action kicks in (kind of like in the original)- maybe I'm living in the wrong decade with such wishes...

2. Again I understand if some disagree: The Idea of Willis picking up a kid to take him somewhere and ending up protecting him from killers was already used, and done well, in "16 Blocks" and Shouldn't have been used again...

3. The CGI. Most people laud this film, including Willis, for being so real- real images, real stunts (yes, my compliments on the stunt work that WAS real)... however i actually gave up counting the effect shots after a while- no matter how well they're done one can simply tell the difference between real movie and computer game scene. And I'm so sick of watching artificial computer action especially in movies where it is so damn unnecessary.

4. The action. Somewhere along the line in the tunnel this movie stopped being a Die Hard Movie and became a cross between The Matrix, The Transporter 2 and M:Impossible: Mclane and the kid ducking from a falling car that bounces off just inches from their heads. Mclane jumping out of a speeding car- since he's so optimistic about the vehicle taking off and crashing into a helicopter, MClane in a fistfight in a car dangling in an elevator shaft,Mclane taking down a Jet etc... thanks a lot John Hunt!

5. Stupid patriotism "It's not a system it's a country!"... Uh huh...

You know I could go on and on but I think the biggest problem of this movie is that the creators have simply ignored who John Mclane was in the original: A grumpy Anti-hero who gets into dangerous situations (yes Len Wiseman got that right) but who gets himself out of them in a way that is human and doable- HE WAS NEVER A SUPERHERO.

I don't know what most of you see in this that you find so outstanding, I really just think of it as another pebble added to this landslide of senseless sequels that overshadow this summer.

Reviewed by andrewrogergregory 1 / 10

Try Hard 3.9

This film has been getting poor reviews since being released in New Zealand. The 7.9 average rating on IMDb made me think that reviewers were having an off day.

Having seen it, the critics were right. Suggested new title - TRY HARD 3.9

If you thought the original premise was straight from a Tom Clancy novel then you are close to the truth. No doubt Mr Clancy has also read the original Farewell to Arms article by John Carlin.

The first 30 minutes were vintage wise-cracking, shoot first-ask questions later Willis.

The remainder of the film had a plot shot full of holes. Were communications down or up ? Was the power on or off ? Was traffic grid-locked or the streets wide open ? Did the FBI have it's own helicopters or had the bad guys stolen them too (sarcasm).If Warlock was so good, why wasn't he one of the original targeted hackers? And then the dumb set action pieces began. Perhaps the lift scene was a wink and nod to the first movie, but the original John McClane would have broken the Asian ninjas neck and moved on.

Speaking of holes. I have seldom seen an action movie where the bullet holes appear, disappear, re-appear and vanish so often between scenes. The director must have found the magic bullet that shot Kennedy.

The truck vs fighter scene was like watching the bad parts of True Lies and the Matrix spliced together. And are we really meant to believe that a cyber terrorist would leave the government GPS tracking unit attached to his getaway van ! My only surprise was that they didn't remove it with a barrel roll ala Transporter 2.

I walked out of Spider Man 3 after 60 minutes. I wish I had walked out of Try Hard 3.9 after 30.

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