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Hugh Jackman as Logan
Stephen Merchant as Caliban
Boyd Holbrook as Pierce
Patrick Stewart as Charles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tchaconas 10 / 10

A Must See

This is in my opinion the best superhero movie of all time. The fact that there were no Oscar's is a travesty.

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 10 / 10


No words can explain the epicness & greatness of this movie.

Reviewed by NpMoviez 8 / 10

A nice revisionist western ending to Wolverine saga

Wolverine is perhaps the most beloved character from X-Men film series, but his solo outings have been the most forgettable and/or totally stupid. Thankfully, we have Logan to break that trend. Still have issues with it, but I would acknowledge that it was one of the best films in X-Men series.

Good : Hugh Jackman gives the most intense and gritty performance as Wolverine in his final film role as the adamantium clawed mutant. I have always loved him as Wolverine, but he has never been so good. Patrick Stewart does the same in his final role as Charles Xavier, and in his part, there's nothing to complain either. Dafne Keen as Laura - owns the film. Loved the kid as baby/lady Wolverine (X-23). The setting feels really different in this movie, compared to those of other X-Men films. It is obvious that they gave a Revisionist Western tone to the movie, which hasn't been done in the genre so far. It acknowledged the fact that it was inspired by Unforgiven, The Wrestler and Shane, which if had not been done, would've made it look like a ripoff. Not a total waste of a film, it has good parts, but still a copied idea without acknowledgement seems bad. Then, there is action. The actions are the best ones in the entire X-Men film series. The choreography is great to say the least. It looks badass, savage and intense. But there's one thing that this film does with action which most action films don't with these days. And that is, have the actions mean something. Every action scene has a purpose. It either sets up a characterization, or aggressively portrays what a character is feeling. Acting, action and the overall story won't disappoint. Also, all the characters are interesting.

Mixed : There are some story issues. It feels as if there is a huge story that needs to be told between the altered timeline of DoFP and Logan. We get tiny little expositions for that matter and sound like much more interesting ideas for a better X-Men Apocalypse movie. This made the largely different characterizations feel totally out of place, for both Xavier and Logan. It works for the movie, I like it, but I don't buy it. It felt a lot out of the place and quite confusing with why they were so different. With all the movies in the series, I don't think they have given all the character development necessary for those changes.

Bad : Mostly, it's the villain and some logic issues. There's a video narration/exposition which looked professionally edited with great voiceover, but was by a nurse who didn't even have 12 hours to do it, keeping aside the resources. Xander Rice doesn't feel so good of a villain. Nothing to blame Richard Grant, but just not a compelling villain. X-24 does have a frightening presence, I acknowledge that. But all his likeability depends upon the character arc of Wolverine over the years. Just take out the "humane" part of the character of Wolverine, and replace it with Terminator's menace. You'll get X-24.

Conclusion : It's a good goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. You can get the unpleasant satisfaction of seeing him die, and it does hit emotional notes a number of times and feel really saddening. But there are story and characterization issues which cannot be overlooked and to be honest, do not make a good sense.


Score : 8.2/10

Grade : A-

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