London Sweeties

2019 [THAI]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 140

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by damian_shale 10 / 10

i was in this movie

Good movie, great cast, missing some credits on imdb, i only know because i was in it.

Reviewed by pjgmamuaya 6 / 10

Simply entertaining!

Raising cultural issue that packed with a fresh and fun humor. It must be admitted that the Asian community (especially East & South East Asia) always stigmatized for the lack of understanding English as the international language.

In fact, this problem is even more complicated in the movie where the main character (Pron, played by Maylada Susri) has problems with her self-confidence and speaking skills (even in Thai that she regularly used). But it becomes an interesting premise when it is clashed with cultural problems, language barrier and cultural adaptation.

The friendship theme that is commonly used by Thai romance-comedy movie and become its trademark is also felt strong. This movie can make us excited, laugh even sad, all at once, and maybe some of us have felt it first.

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