Looking for Mr. Right


Comedy / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 981

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Vedette Lim as Rachel
Brandon Quinn as Henry
Terry Moore as Instructor

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jml1988 7 / 10

Cute, cheesy little movie

This was okayish. I thought the main character was charming but she definitely was trying too hard. I don't know why she didn't just tell all to her friend and at least let him act at first from the beginning!

Reviewed by tashinaknight 4 / 10


I watch pretty much all Hallmark Channel romances. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. This one was far more tedious than most. There was very little romance to it. The hero was on screen a very low percentage of the time. I actually liked him, but never really got much of a chance to get to know him or root for him.

The heroine was not a great person - naive in a bad way (only to further plot points) and thoughtless. I think the fault lay mostly with the screenplay. I didn't mind the general directing and the actors actually seemed pretty good. They just didn't have much to work with but a formulaic script. Came here to rate it primarily to remind myself not to watch it again.

Reviewed by lvnv96 3 / 10

Looking For Mr. Right is one movie to watch only once.

Hallmark Channel's Looking For Mr. Right was not one of their better movies. The plot was OK, but the production was not what I expected for a typical Hallmark movie. It was not the quality that one comes to expect from the Hallmark Channel. Their was little excitement in the movie. Scene settings seem below Hallmark Channel standards. The costumes seemed used in style and appearance. Not this one. Once was a enough. For me, mark this one in the no column. Normally, I would watch their movers over and over again. I found my self channel surfing during this movie wondering when it was going to be over. On a hole, the best part of this presentation were the commercials.

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