Lord of Darkness


Crime / Horror / Thriller

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William Houston as Charlie McGuire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Birth of Sawney or Scotland Sawney Massacre

I had no idea Frightfest was showing the world premiere of this movie, but I did not regret watching this. The movie is not for the faint hearted and has some weaknesses of course, but our main character is so OTT that you would be forgiven for laughing with him from time to time and almost rooting for him too.

Of course you don't, because he's bad and the filmmakers made that obvious. But the whole story could be called "mental", in a good sense. Effects are good, acting from the main cast is pretty solid too. The story is kind of predictable, but that won't ruin the "fun" you're having with it. A neat little horror B-movie, that does copy from other better known movies, but if that doesn't bother you, go ahead and give it a try.

Reviewed by JvH48 5 / 10

Ample blood&gore, exactly as advertised, but the story desperately needed a consistent plot and some background about local folklore

I saw this film at the Imagine film festival 2013 in Amsterdam. As could be expected from the synopsis on the festival website, a lot of blood&gore was prominently showcased. Somewhat less expected is that we got it together with several quotes from the Bible, a combination that was not really explained.

It was a good idea to use the journalist as binding element to tie the story together. There was also a parallel story about a police inspector, who for a long time failed to solve the mystery of the disappearing people. Of course, his superiors were not happy about it. (*** warning *** spoiler ahead ***) In hindsight, we know why he failed. His connection with the underground (literally) operations were left unclear, however. Could he be a distant relative of the "insane family of inbred killers" (quote from official film website). Maybe such an explanation is not really necessary, but I certainly missed it to wrap up the plot.

All in all, I gave a so-so (3 out of 5) score for the audience award when leaving the theater: it was certainly well written and well executed, but lacked a consistent story and a plot, not even some sort of reason why it all happened as it happened. Of course, for those who are willing to read between the lines, it can be that the initial visit of a doctor to assist in the birth of a baby, being the last living survivor of a species that lived on human remains (as per the voice over), may serve as a vehicle to explain what happened after the prologue. That this cannibal family is "legendary" does not suffice for us, who know nothing about local folklore and related legends. This could have been explained better to prepare us for the desperately needed context. The 90 minutes running time is not that long that it cannot bear an extension with another 5 minutes to allow us connecting the dots. What remained is a lot of bloodthirsty killing without any purpose. This film ended nearly last (45st place out of 48) for the audience award with average score 5.39.

Reviewed by foreversmom 4 / 10

Inbred Parkour Minions Anyone?

Okay, so I just finished watching this movie and I cannot believe that I only fast-forwarded once or twice. Lord of Darkness is a movie about Sawney Bean's clan. This is suppose to be based on a true event. In an attempt to verify this story, I looked it up. This is actually based on a (potential) myth. There are no verifying accounts based on missing victims and supposedly the clan killed about 1000 people before being caught.

Lord of darkness is centered on the "fact" that one person escaped and has made it to the 21st century. The movie itself has an interesting story line, but could have done without the inbred parkour "minions". Those scenes are funny to me. There are several scenes that are interesting and are acted well. Overall, this is not a horrible movie, but it doesn't come close to any nominations either.

There is a lot of gore, so if that's the genre you are looking for, then you found it! However, if you are looking for a horror story, then skip this movie, There is nothing scary about it. The creepiness factor is high throughout this movie, but there is nothing special to comment on. I give this film a 4/10.

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