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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 830

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Jerry Bell Jr. as Hardware Store Owner
Gretchen Corbett as Kurt's Aunt Kitty
Pablo Schreiber as Wayland
Jena Malone as Dolores
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Snowbird999 2 / 10

Two Stars but only because of Pablo.

Pablo Schreiber, a the member of a motorcycle gang is released on parole from prison after being incarcerated for 15 years on account of an armed robbery. That's the opeing scene. Could've been a great start to an interesting movie had the screenplay and directing been in more capable hands. Instead, nothing much happens after the opening scene except a lot of superfluous emoting. I lost interest a third of the way through and never regained it. I like Pablo in Orange is the New Black, but he did himself no favors signing up for this project.

Reviewed by CastingNY212 3 / 10

Flawed script and slow pacing sinks this from the start.

It was difficult to find this story very relatable. Ms. Doyle tries to hard to hit the viewer over the head with its metaphors and symbolism. So much so that I felt a headache from it. She should've trusted the audience a little more. The performances from the leads were decent but the pacing of the film will have viewers shifting in their seats and checking their social media feeds. This could've been edited down by about twenty minutes.

Reviewed by developmentczar 1 / 10

Sabrina Doyle's film is clumsy and dull.

This film never gains traction, weighed down by a weak script that is neither interesting nor compelling. And the 111 minute excessively-long runtime only adds to the misery. Malone's performance is so one-dimensional that it is difficult to root for her. Schreiber fairs slightly better but his character is woefully predictable and colorless. I can't imagine this film finding an audience anywhere. Apparently this was a first-time feature director, and it felt like she didn't have a grasp on storytelling.

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