Lot Lizard


Documentary / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by plasticseal 5 / 10

Stories didn't have much to them

The filming style was interesting I really actually liked the intro credits but the stories of the people themselves seemed rather hollow. Not much backstory on how the person got to the point they are at. One huge glaring mistake, a fact stated in the documentary is "Female sex workers have a "Morality" rate times higher than the national average. They meant "Mortality Rate" Overall it was more depressing than informative.

Reviewed by blumdeluxe 8 / 10

Honest and Raw

"Lot Lizard" is not a feel-good movie. The documentary about sex-workers serving truck drivers in the night hours paints a pretty dark picture and shows the unfiltered reality.

You learn which influence this job has, not only for the women themselves but also for their environment. How they see themselves. How others see them. Why in some cases drugs seem to be the only way of escaping this literally grey daily struggle.

To deal with people we tend to pass is one of the great things that a documentary can achieve. In my eyes "Lot Lizard" does so. It may be a bit sad or depressing, but it shows you why every human deserves respect. Without great budget it tells a story. And listening to it is worth the time.

Reviewed by Msbnitski 8 / 10

It's what's really happening out there.

I drove a truck with my late husband back in the 1980's.We drover cross country from Chicago to LA every week. I saw this constantly in the truck stops. My husband would walk me back to the truck at night because he knew what was going on and he knew I was not safe walking alone.

We were in Sacramento, late at night and he had walked me back to the truck and then went back in to make phone calls and do his business in the restrooms. I was in the sleeper with my Dobe Reno and someone started banging on the drivers door. I stuck my head out from the sleeper and this woman lost her mind thinking I was working her row. She called me every name in the book until I told her to get the frig off my truck or my husband would remove you! Frightening.

Drugs, prostitutes weeee! That was part of cross country driving. California was the worst, filthy bathrooms, prostitutes what have you. I can attest to what this show is trying to tell you. It's real and in my brain I could never imagine these woman or men having sex with an unknown and driving away like no big deal. Ick, ick ick. No amount of soap and Penicillin can wash that away.

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