Louis Theroux: Surviving America's Most Hated Family



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mahdavi-1 7 / 10

It's worth watching and quite interesting, but not as good as the first two on WBC

A part of me was left wondering what the point in this third documentary was because it was somewhat similar to the second ("America's Most Hated Family in Crisis"). The main difference is Fred Phelps had died and he wanted to understand why he was excommunicated - nothing that wasn't known to the public already was revealed by current WBC members or those that left WBC. Since his death, the church had already started to moderate, but the reasons as to why was never explained by the WBC members.

It was disappointing that there was less of Shirley Phelps-Roper and none of Margie Phelps, both of whom are very charismatic, intelligent and interesting women to listen to. There was more of Steve Drain, unfortunately, and he's one of the more dull and annoying members of WBC that has assumed a leadership position. Would've been nice to see the young men of the church and how they're doing, especially the young Phelps-Roper guys, who were kids in the first two documentaries.

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 7 / 10

A cult of trolls

A cult indoctrinates its members, who come to sincerely believe in its doctrines, however strange they may appear to outsiders. A troll spins arguments in bad faith for the primary purpose of winding other people up. The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, however, is a strange hybrid of the two, a group of true believers who claim it is God's will that, for example, they attend the funerals of their enemies and celebrate. Those enemies include "fags", of course, but they also vigorously celebrated the death of the more conventional celebrity preacher Billy Graham. This would be laughable if it wasn't clear the cult is deadly serious. This is film-maker Louis Theroux's third visit to Westboro, and he abandons his normal even-handedness in the face of their cartoon evil. It's fair to say he doesn't get very far, and even the ex-members he meets are not that enlightening, precisely because the church is so inherently uninteresting, its doctrine as banal as it is horrific, its leaders strikingly uncharismatic. Perhaps all one can say is it's a weird world we live in; and some people are sincerely devoted to making it worse.

Reviewed by thomasjay-2201 9 / 10

The King Returns

A definitive experience it was the end to this story that was required, settling the need for dither attention on this "cult", after roughly a decade Theroux heads back to Westboro to end his affair with the group. Following the story of the defectors and seeing how they're still in the height of their powers in 2019 despite the exodus and death of Fred Phelps it's the sequel nobody realised they needed. Wrapping up the ties Theroux made in the initial documentary and laying to bed the interest it's a film which provides laughs and is at times ironic but still shows the horror that such a group run free to this day

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