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Reviewed by writers_reign 7 / 10

Miracles Take Longer

I can't recall ever being disappointed by Sylvie Testud. She is akin to a younger generation Isabelle Huppert in that she is happy to work in areas about as far from the Multiplex circuit as you can get and often her films attract little or no comment on IMDb - Cause toujours, Victoire, The Heritage etc. Here she is again, acting largely with her eyes as a wheelchair confined invalid going along for the ride on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, by which I mean that it is a pilgrimage only for the group she is with, as 1) a sceptic and 2) bored and lonely because of her condition, she has more or less tagged along for lack of an alternative. There's a nice mix of satire and sentiment at work here as we note the commercial aspects of organised religion and the negative aspects of human nature masquerading as piety. Testud as always is superb and the film should be seen for her alone if nothing else.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 8 / 10


Forgive my ignorance of neither Lourdes or theology, without a Catholic background, to me the miracles sound hyperbolic and outlandish at first, but after watching the film, even though being an agnostic, some kind of insight surfaced upon my mind's eye that the miracle itself could be a fatal burden to whom it is granted, which is my very direct response, which I am not sure would be the prime aim of the director, for me, it does pique my curiosity definitely.

Due to the fact that the mystery has still been in a moot beyond any explanation by now, the third feature from Austrian director Jessica Hausner (whose previous film is a haunting ghost story - HOTEL 2004) cannily digresses the mythological topic of the epiphanic moment, instead, the film focuses directly on the individuals of the pilgrim group (thought from a restrained distance), the most noteworthy comes from their blunt reactions before/after the miraculous event, which unavoidably compass piety, expectation, sympathy versus selfishness, jealousy, gloating, envy and bitterness. As a matter of fact it is more like a discreet dissertation on a test of humanity, which literally and cruelly reveals the inconvenient truth that it is our soul needs to be cured.

What I truly commend here is the laconic shots, the full-blown palette and a calm stance which is pervasive throughout the entire movie,

all of which establish a sincere austerity and mercy to its views, plus the non-intrusion composition drastically enhances the solemnity and sacrality of its proposition

The female protagonist Sylvie Testud's performance is extraordinarily astute, despite of her word-deficient and gesture-limited role while the supporting group is also tellingly awesome, terse but impressive!

Reviewed by Irishchatter 1 / 10

Ehhhhh not much going on there...

Before I got down to watch it, I thought it was all gonna be about a girl who was going to Lourdes in order to cure of being in a wheelchair. After watching 10 minutes of this film, I felt there was nothing much going on but only seeing people walking around the pilgrimage but nothing else.

It might've changed later during the movie but I wouldn't waste my breath in watching the whole movie! It would be too late then for me to see the action. For me, I would rather see the action in movies at the beginning straight away because you are in with the story already and it makes your time well spent in looking at the movie!

I just think the movie could've done better in showing only the characters to the audience then seeing the passersbys. It just makes the film look rather dull in my opinion! It's very disappointing that it's too slow!

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