Love After Death

1968 [SPANISH]

Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.0 10 147

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol-kay 4 / 10

If you just let me autopsy your husband I could have killed him

(Some Spoilers) Strange Argentine import that has to do with murder and revenge and lots and lots of soft core sex in between.

Although alive but in a comatose state Mr. Montel is seen attending his own funeral at the start of the movie. Montel knows that he's been done in by Dr. Anderson and his cheating wife Sofia who are secretly lovers and is now in no condition to do anything about it. There's also good old Arturo who Montel's best friend who's really the guy that Sofia's in love with at the funeral who, together with Sofia, is planning to do the good doctor in after Montel is put away for good.

Montel for his part breaks out of his coffin, after it was buried, and goes out in the streets not at first trying to get revenge against his cheating wife and her boyfriends, Dr. Anderson & Arturo, but looking for action to regenerate his floundering and inactive libido. We find out from Sofia that Montel was a dud in bed and didn't consummate their marriage, she's still a virgin Sofia tells a shocked Dr. Anderson, because he was just too sickly and out of shape at the time. Montel getting involved in a number of sexual encounters, one with a transvestite and another with a lesbian couple, is still unable to preform running out of steam just when he's about to get it on and do it.

It's almost by accident that Montel gets back on track in the love making department when he helps this foxy brunette with her packages who invites him up into her apartment for a cup of tea. Getting in on and leaving the sweet giving and kind hearted women, as well as himself, in a state of ecstasy Montel now feeling secure and being a man among men goes after those who tried to do him in his wife Sofia Arturo and Dr. Anderson.

The police in the person of Det.Torres feeling that Montel is really alive, his grave was found opened with him not in it, stake out Montel's and Sofia's castle feeling that he'll show up there sooner or later. It's later that Det. Torres ends up shooting Arturo and one of his goons who go there thinking that they'll find the missing Montel in his castle and then kill him.

Finding his way back to Sofia's and Dr. Anderson's high-rise love nest Montel ends up stabbing Dr. Anderson to death and then chasing Sofia up on the roof, after slashing her pretty face with a switch-blade, strangles her. Det. Torres getting to the murder scene but not in time to save Sofia gets the surprise of his life, as does the movie audience, with Montel doing a disappearing act as the movie finally, after 72 minutes, ends.

Not much of a story but lots of sexy women who don't have any trouble taking their clothes off and jumping in the sack with whoever, man or woman,is available at the time. There's also the very sharp and high contrast photography, very much like in a film noir, that more then makes up for the very simplistic plot that has to have a number of explicate sex scenes to keep the audience from either falling asleep or or just turning off their VHS or DVD players.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Fun piece of late 60's horror trash

Montel (dorky Guillermo De Cordova) gets buried alive by his greedy and unfaithful wife Sofia (buxom blonde Carmin O'Neal) after suffering a cataleptic fit. However, Montel manages to pulls himself out of his own grave so he can get revenge on Sofia and her doctor lover, although he winds up spending more time peeping on fetching young gals in various stages of undress and even manages to get some, too.

Director Glauco Del Mar keeps the enjoyably seamy story moving along at a steady pace as well as maintains a pleasing sordid tone throughout. The abundance of tasty bare female skin and the fairly racy soft-core sex scenes provide a good deal of sizzle. The neatly varied film library score alternates between spirited shivery stuff and cool loungey jazz. The laughably lousy dubbing possesses a certain campy charm, too. A satisfying serving of silly, yet still quite entertaining sleaze.

Reviewed by kamikaze-4 3 / 10

Now that's a twist ending.... NOT!

I saw this film on a triple bill DVD by the good old folks at Something Weird Video. Along with Monstrosity and The Incredible Petrified World, Love After Death seems to be the strongest of the three, and that's not saying much. Nearly silent film with brief snatches of badly dubbed dialog, this sex and horror film emphasizes the sex and very little horror. A man is deliberately buried alive by his unfaithful wife and her business partners. The man crawls out of his coffin and spends the rest of the film, trying to have sex with a half dozen people before he kills his partners and wife. As he is about to be arrested----major spoiler-he disappears. Turns out his spirit came back from the dead, to exact revenge and have sex with a half dozen people. Sorry folks, I didn't make or write this movie, I only saw it.

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