Love Always, Santa


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 1502

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Sara Marsh as Helen
Brady Smith as Randy
Mike Faiola as Jake

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Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 6 / 10

When Santa replied to a little girl's letter.

It's already a Christmas season, the televisions are packed with those themed films. So basically you can't escape from watching at least couple of them in a year. Now mine begins with this, especially Hallmark's films are special in this trademark. This is another romance themed Christmas film that is set in a little town where a young girl writes a letter to Santa wishing her mother to find love and happiness again. It will be received by a struggling writer, who replies in the name of Santa and so on, they become pen pals. But when he decides to meet them in person, the reality is different than what he thought of them. Between his two identities, revealing what he actually is what becomes challenging. The remaining film is to disclose how the story ends.

Almost all the Christmas films are kind of similar, especially in romance theme. But the conclusions are dead easy to predict, because they always have a happy ending. This story was not bad, particularly in the first half. I lost interest only in the final act, they should have avoided the drag, otherwise this is a decent film. But still it is, particularly for the family audience this would be a much effective film, and to watch during the holiday season. The casting was good, nice production as well. Being a television film, it's not so bad. Since this is the first film I watched in this season, I did find it good and looking forward for other titles. -Love always, me!


Reviewed by Jackbv123 9 / 10


The plot where the kid asks Santa to make her widow mom happy turns into a kind of You've Got Mail without the internet. They use that archaic almost extinct form of communication called the US Post Office. And then the Santa ghost writer decides to meet the mom. Another slightly unusual element is that the protagonists' friends are actually against the fantasy relationship, at least at first.

Marguerite Moreau and Mike Faiola connect. I like this movie because you can actually see the two protagonists developing a relationship. They exchange a bunch of letters and when they meet they talk at an emotional level. Isadora Swann, as Lilly, is way too mature, but also quite cute and precocious.

Don't forget the potato gun, or is it cannon, and the stupid poetry and Randy and Mike Sullivan which all add a comedic element.

***SPOILER*** The part where one protagonist leaves, but comes back, is done in an unusual way. The ending is even a little silly and unusual and well done.

Reviewed by adamjohns-42575 8 / 10

I may have to write a letter to Father Christmas?

I really enjoyed this film. It has so many things going for it. Not only is the romance lovely, but it's literary and has a bit of silliness that doesn't cheapen the overall effect. The kids romance is also adorable.

I have to say that either choice of man would have been fine as they both had some great qualities, but one is especially handsome.

It's filmed with thought and care and there's snow and Christmas everywhere.

A really lovely hug of a film to go with a hot chocolate on a cold Winter's afternoon.

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