Love by Accident



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Yanic Truesdale as Officer Paul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dxwallace 9 / 10

Cheesy and Made for TV feel, but great COVID Lockdown movie...

People are less forgiving when the feel good romances feature black people, but sometimes we want to see a simple, cheesy, slice of life movie with Black people. Not a complicated movie, totally predictable, but that's what cheesy romantic comedies are about. I give it a 9 not because its a great movie, but great for the "Cheesy Romantic Movie Featuring Black People" Sub -Genre....

Reviewed by johne-55952 7 / 10

Well Above Average for The Feel Good Genre

Its a Hallmark-style movie so its not going to win any major prizes, but this is an above average example of the genre. The writing is decent. The acting is above average. Not sure why these movies always have main characters that are all black or all white and intermingling is rare, which seems unrealistic. Also not sure I believe that a young black woman getting a PhD in English would want to write a thesis on Jane Austin but I guess its possible. A bit of a tear jerker just to warn folks.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 7 / 10

Appealing actors save this

This is not a well done film...but I guess it was a tv-movie, so it's about average for that genre. It has that Hallmark feel to it, although I don't believe that it was on Hallmark.

That being said, I rather enjoyed this film. The script is a little weak here and there, although the basic story is pretty decent.

What saves this film are the performances of the two leads. I've never heard of Henderson Wade before, but he's a very appealing young actor. Similarly, I've never seen Getenesh Berhe before, but she did nicely, as well.

The problem here is that you have a well-meaning script that's just a little amateurish.

But again, I enjoyed it. Hope to see more of Henderson Wade.

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