Love, for Real


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 192

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by julianeluedtke 7 / 10

I really liked it

This one was soo funny, I liked, that the main heroine was a little sarcastic and not the usual Hallmark darling that pleases everybody. Also liked the plotline and the scenery. Not the greatest movie of all time, but definitely worth watching at least once.

Reviewed by mamachikn 7 / 10

Very Funny, New Faces, Different Vibe! A win for this senior!

It appears people either love this movie or hate it. I'm thinking that the haters are die-hard fans of reality shows such as The Bachelor. I've never watched them, but this spoof seems quite accurate. It's all about ratings, after all.

The fresh new faces on this Hallmark movie were great! Hope to see more of them in future shows. The script was funny. The lead actress was sarcastic, and funny. I liked the whole cast. Karen Malina White was the best! She delivered her lines flawlessly, and we laughed out loud several times! If you haven't seen it, I urge you to give it a try. Remember it's supposed to be a spoof, so don't take it seriously. An enjoyable evening.

Reviewed by toncincin 1 / 10

Great background noise

That's about it. Noise. Stupid story. Bad writing. The scenery was nice - but that doesn't carry a terrible script and mediocre actors.

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