Love Gets a Room


Adventure / Drama / Musical

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by antoniatejedabarros 10 / 10

A masterpiece about survival and love that will make you weep, laugh, sing, and cry

Love Gets a Room is a masterpiece about love, art, antisemitism, bravery, generosity, and beauty. A jewel that will make you think, laugh, sing, and cry. Written by Rodrigo Cortés & David Safier and directed by Rodrigo, the movie is set at the Warsaw ghetto in January 1942 (six months before the deportations to the extermination camps, mainly Treblinka -Große Aktion).

Love Gets a Room includes a play inside the movie: excerpts (originally written in Polish, translated into English) of Jerzy Jurandot's play Milosc szuka mieszkania, which premiered at the Femina Theatre in the Warsaw ghetto either on October 29, 1941 (according to Holocaust survivor Mary Berg, see The Diary of Mary Berg. Growing Up in the Warsaw Ghetto, pp. 101-102) or on January 16, 1942 (see Barbara Engelking & Jacek Leociak, The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City).

The cinematography (Rafael García) of Love Gets a Room and the music (Víctor Reyes) will take your breath away. With a stellar cast: Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Henry Goodman, Anastasia Hille, Valentina Bellè, Mark Ryder, Freya Parks, Jack Roth, Magnus Krepper and our beautiful, amazing and talented Dalit as little Sarah. Bravo to all!

Love Gets a Room is a homage to the power of art, to all the victims who perished in the Holocaust, to bravery and to love. 10/10.

Reviewed by lareval 10 / 10

Rodrigo Cortés at his finally well deserved best!

A deeply emotional and affectionate story terrifically acted by truly inspired actors and masterfully directed with nerve, tears and suspense. A truly remarkable surprise and a must see to everyone who loves cinema and specially to those who seek an inspiring reason to live and love. One of the best movies I've seen in a while!

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Spanish drama concerning Warsaw Ghetto with nice filmmaking , awesome performance and tragic evens

Intense drama with musical elements , this is a thought-provoking film about Warsaw Ghetto including cruel deeds and exciting images . This is an emotionally tale and very decent drama about a team of actors perform in the heart of the Warsaw Ghetto in a life or death context and six months before the deportations to the extermination camps . Depicting the terrifying existence in the horrible ghetto including suffering , theatrical happenings , starvation and other grisly events until a surprising ending .

It is an impressive drama, though overtalking , set on a run-down stage with musical numbers , dances s, ongs and brief hilarious touches while occurs the theatrical staging . The film is elegant , well-paced and brilliantly made but it's marred by being really clautrophobic and stagy . The first point that impresses the viewer is certainly the blending of drama , comedy , romance , as well as terror , cruelty and sadism from the despicable , sadistic Nazis . As Magnus Krepper has the role of the nasty Sergeant Szkop and deserved a nomination to the Academy Award. The screenplay does not shows the deep reality of the lives of the dwellers of this ghetto , if she depicts the deep tension , threats and their fight to survive in times of war , including the beginning of their resistance. However, it does not show the final destruction of the ghetto after a failed uprising on 01 September 1943 organized by the first Jewish partisan unit in Nazi-occupied Europe the "Fareinigte Partizaner Organizacje" , the United Partisan Organization . The beauty of Clara Rugaard and the dramatic and conflictive position of stage players are brilliantly performed , they 're stunning and amazing. This is a portentous drama about Jews suffering Poland holocaust . It bears a certain resemblance to ¨Ghetto¨ (2005) by Audrius Juzenas that recounts the last days of the Vilna Ghetto Theatre company , while ¨Love Gets a Room¨ (2021) is based on excerpts , originally written in Polish, translated into English , of Jerzy Jurandot's play Milosc szuka mieszkania, which premiered at the Femina Theatre in the Warsaw ghetto (1941) . Very good performances from main and support cast cast with special mention for starring Clara Rugaard , accompanied by nice actors as Mark Ryder , Ferdia Walsh-Peelo , Valentina Bellè , Jack Roth , Freya Parks , Anastasia Hille. F

The music score by composer Victor Reyes gives a touch of class and mirth . Evocative, though dark cinematography by Rafael García with excessive ,camera shots , movements , but providing enjoyable mise en scene. The motion picture was well directed by Rodrigo Cortés delivering brilliant tracking shots, , though it relies heavily on the stage acting , song and musical numbers .Filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés correctly directs a spellbinding portrait about the holocaust based on true facts. This Spanish filmmaker has directed notorious international successes as ¨Red Lights¨, ¨Dawn in dark hill¨ , ¨Blackwood¨and his biggest hit : ¨Buried¨ and another success was ¨The Contestant¨ or El Concursante that won Maestre Mateo Award to support cast , best director and editing and Malaga Film Festival, best director , best cinematography , and Rodrigo Cortés has got several Goyas and nominations. Love Gets a Room (2021) rating : 6.5/10 . Acceptable and passable .

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