Love in the Limelight



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Reviewed by samansosa 6 / 10


Was ok but they need to shop casting together is getting annoying and for be married they don't show that bond, chemistry between. Maybe because is a Hallmark or because they are extra religious, plus how they going to grow as a actors if they don't mingle, you can't not play save.

Reviewed by acborgia 5 / 10

Boring and not worth it

It's like some bad fanfiction come to life. Pen pals for 15 years and they never met until now. Would make sense if one wasn't a (former) celebrity. The singing was hard to understand at times which is weird because he's an actual singer. Also, they are married in real life and the dynamic between them just felt off the whole time. Props to Abuela for stealing the scenes she was in.

Reviewed by sandpark-70052 10 / 10


Unlike other reviewers, I thought this was a sweet story and I enjoyed watching it. All of the main actors seemed to be enjoying themselves. I especially enjoyed the dancing Abuela. The film has a light humorous aspect. I thought that the married in real-life couple did a good job of showing their deep friendship and love for each other.

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