Love in Winterland


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 828

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Chad Michael Murray as Brett Hollister
Italia Ricci as Ally
Jack Turner as Tanner Dillon
Wanda Cannon as Molly Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toncincin 7 / 10


Premise is cute. Italia Ricci is adorable and so is Chad Michael Murray. Hallmark needs to use them more. You know from the beginning what's going to happen - typical Hallmark movie fare.

Jack Turner is a Hallmark staple. He's been in many Movies. Love that he is using his native British accent. (Yes - to all other reviewers - he IS British - he's not faking this one!)

Worth watching - unlike a few of the recent Hallmark movies! Pure escapism...

Reviewed by altsoy 7 / 10


1. The actress is NOT pregnant; she is postpartum. The comments regarding a pregnant actress are highly offensive. Let pregnant and postpartum women act! Props to Hallmark for working with pregnant and postpartum actresses and, seemingly, accommodating postpartum duties (i.e. breastfeeding and/or mothering off-set and bringing their baby to the destination at which they are filming). 2. The actor with the British accent IS British! Maybe do a little research before commenting. (Simple with the British actor: Google "Jack Turner" and click on any interview of him and viola! He's indeed British! Plus, a tip off, according to some of the first lines about the guy, he studied at Oxford.)

Reviewed by bulbul_da_great 3 / 10

A seemingly perfect set-up and cast....

... and yet, this one is such a dud. Which is a shame, because I love Italia Ricci and Chad Michael Murray is always a pleasure to watch. And yet, no one looked like they wanted to be there: CMM tried, but Ricci looked positively miserable and/or angry; whatever chemistry these two are capable of having, there was none of it present. The entire movie feels very by the numbers and there is nothing romantic about that. What a wasted opportunity.

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