Love Is All You Need

2012 [DANISH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 13947

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

Ida compelling

Ida is a Danish woman near the end of her successful chemotherapy treatment. She gets home early and finds her husband Leif having sex with young Thilde. She is in shock when she crashes into Philip Saunders (Pierce Brosnan) at the airport parking. She is on her way to her daughter Astrid's wedding in Italy. Phillip turns out to be the father of Astrid's fiancée Patrick. He is bitter and closed off after the death of his wife. Ida tries to keep the situation secret from Astrid and then Leif shows up at the wedding with Thilde. The wedding includes gay worker Alessandro who has a crush on Patrick, Astrid's injured brother Kenneth returning from the military, Philip's rude flirtatious sister-in-law Benedikte and her bitter suffering daughter.

Ida is a compelling character and Trine Dyrholm does a nice job. I like her story. Pierce Brosnan is a bit of a Hollywood distraction but I understand his use. Eventually, I got used to him and their relationship is good romance. There are a lot of crazy relatives going off in that wedding and a couple of them could have less screen time. There's no reason to spend so much time with Benedikte and her daughter. They are one-dimensional comedic side characters. Ida's struggles make this a good romance despite a few too many dramatic developments at the wedding.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

And you get more than enough of it

Just the song "That's amore" is enough love for any and everyone. Apart from one of the best love songs ever to be written and performed, the movie also has drama to offer. And a lot of comedy. Relationships are easy to spot, but what is really amazing, is how easy the movie delivers in the acting department and how convincing everyone is. You actually believe the relationships those people have with each other are "true" and not just fiction.

Great acting and writing do contribute to that fact of course. The setting does help. And while some twists are very well seeded into the story and therefor should not be a big surprise, the movie itself feels very good. One last point, that did surprise, the rating in Germany. It's rated "0", which means it's for everybody, including children. There is a small scene that involves intercourse. Nothing major and no frontal nudity. Just a heads up for people who might feel a bit offended by that

Reviewed by neil-476 8 / 10

Sweet natured romantic drama with humour

After a whirlwind romance, Astrid and Patrick are getting married in Patrick's old family villa in Italy which has remained fairly deserted after his mother died when he was small. Astrid's mother Ida (Trina Dyrholm) is, hopefully, in remission from breast cancer following a mastectomy: when she walks in on husband Lief doing the horizontal mambo with bookkeeper Thilde, she travels from Denmark to Italy without him, having (literally) bumped into Patrick's father Philip (Pierce Brosnan) at the airport. Businessman Philip is an unhappy man, having never resolved the anger he still feels at his wife's pointless accidental death. Among the other guests are Lief (who has travelled the following day and, insensitively, brought Thilde) and Philip's late wife's sister Benedikte, a woman capable of staggeringly crass and damaging comments made with complete obliviousness to their effects. And Patrick has some issues which need to be resolved before the wedding can take place.

Director Susanne Bier marshals her various plot threads and (except for Brosnan) Danish cast well as this gentle drama unfolds. There is nothing earth-shattering here, just real life, shown to us with compassion and humour. In Lief, Thilde and Benedikte, there are three wonderfully funny monsters, yet they too are human: we squirm at what they do, but we believe it at the same time, and understand that what we are seeing is selfishness not malice.

All the performances are good, but Brosnan (being gently unwound from his anger) is better than he has been for a long time, and Trina Dyrholm's Ida is both delightful and powerfully moving, in an understated performance which shows both range and courage.

The audience for this film (which features a mixture of English and subtitled Danish dialogue, about half and half) was mostly what one might call "women of a certain age" who were there, I suspect, for Mr Brosnan (whose hair colouring varies - maybe he hit the Grecian 2000 before the trip to Italy). As they filtered into the row behind me, and the chicken house cackling overpowered the ads and trailers, I felt ominous forebodings. Fortunately, they were silent throughout the movie: they enjoyed it very much, and so did I.

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