Love Me


Action / Comedy / Documentary / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by monomundo 8 / 10

An accurate analysis of mail order bride phenomenon

* Includes a mild dose of spoilers *

As a person who used online dating sites to (try to) meet Russian/Ukrainian women, I can relate to most of the experiences shared in the documentary.

I really appreciate the efforts made by the creators of "Love Me" to draw a realistic picture of the "mail order bride" phenomenon.

The documentary was able to capture faithfully the experiences of 6 protagonists (and their female counterparts), following them through 9 months (if I did not count wrong).

The two sites featured in the film are the major ones in the industry.

I am also in the view that the scam/honest women ratio obtained at the end is quite consistent with reality.

Overall, this film is objective, entertaining and much interesting.

Reviewed by Sasha Fukuda 10 / 10

An interesting documentary

I don't agree with the other reviews of this movie, which tend to focus only on the bad. The movie follows five or six men who've gone to Ukraine to meet women thru international dating agencies. Two or three of them do wind up getting scammed, one decides that Ukrainian women aren't his thing, and two wind up married to their future wives. I was left with the impression that international dating's quite risky. It's risky for the men because some women and agencies will try to scam them out of their money. It's risky for the women because if all goes well and they get engaged, they'll be flying to a country where they don't speak the language and don't know anyone. Either way, to meet with success requires having really good instincts about peoples' character. The two couples who got married do appear to be successful however. Both the men and the women seem like genuinely nice and pleasant people who appreciate one another. In both cases, the woman is way more physically attractive then the man, but doesn't seem to mind. It's an interesting subject. I'm glad i watched this movie.

Reviewed by YouAreNotTheGuy 7 / 10

A fascinating and occasionally frustrating exploration of loneliness

First off, I have to applaud the bravery of the western men and eastern European women who agreed to be filmed during their search for a partner. It can't have been easy, knowing how they risked appearing to an audience.

That aside, I think the stars of this documentary would be the first to agree that something has gone wrong in their lives that they have resorted to such unorthodox measures. Understanding the desperation and deep loneliness of the men is key to understanding how they can be deceived by both themselves and the morally bankrupt businesses and individuals that exploit that loneliness for their own aims. The documentary-makers sympathetically but astutely expose these issues, through uncompromising filming and pertinent interview questions.

The question the interviewers keep returning to - what is love - is a thought-provoking one that perhaps has no satisfactory answer. I'd suggest that the men asked in the documentary revealed the extent of their disconnection from reality and self-deception with their naive and romantic answers. While viewers may not be able to say what love is by the end of the documentary, I think they'll be more confident in saying what love isn't.

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