Love Me Deadly



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Lyle Waggoner as Alex Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eegah Guy 6 / 10

An obscure necro-horror flick with too much soap opera

This is the precursor to modern art-horror hybrids like KISSED or NEKROMANTIK. A frigid woman who likes funerals and is turned on only by dead bodies enters into a sexless marriage with CAROL BURNETT SHOW stud Lyle Waggoner and secretly joins a cult of necrophiliacs in a local morgue. For a film that had so much perverse and ghoulish potential, this film only partially entertains. There's a particularly shocking scene early in the film of a guy being embalmed alive but the film gets bogged down in the drama of marital problems in the second hour. While the serious approach to such outrageous material is greatly appreciated, a little more ghoulish horror would've been nice.

Reviewed by Johnboy1221 7 / 10

Interesting Film, If Nothing Else

I have a theory that this film got Lyle Waggoner dismissed from The Carol Burnett Show (he left the series the following season, by mutual agreement).

Regardless, by today's standards, it's not that shocking. The copy of the film I have seems to have been carefully edited, and not as violent or graphic as I recall it being in the theater production.

By 1973 standards, it was quite a shocker...very graphic and gory, complete with a gay subtext. As I recall, it was loosely based around a real-life Los Angeles "cult" of funeral home "lovers of dead" psychos. The story is fiction, but, who knows what goes on behind the closed doors at funeral homes? The acting isn't too bad, and it's fun watching Lyle play against type. The star is quite pretty, too, and she plays her role well. Her hunky boyfriend does a good job of...well, being prepared for cold sex (and so does poor Lyle).

In the right frame of mind, this comes across well. In fact, I'd love to see the original, uncut version one day, on widescreen DVD, but I ain't holdin' my breath. This is lurid stuff, and it ain't likely to see the DVD "light of day".

If you do see this "sicky", just don't take it too seriously, and it might be fun to watch.

Reviewed by brianehl2 9 / 10

Well-Made, Compelling Thriller for Its Time

Actually quite a well-made and off-beat thriller for its time; a Mr. Lobianco who wrote another "review" actually sounds quite a bit on the homophobic side, as the film has a brief bit of gay content but certainly NOT the "gay plot" he has it being. And there is certainly nothing wrong in the least with having gay content in a film to begin with. Actually well worth the time of viewing it; but out-of-print now to my knowledge. Mary Wilcox is not bad at all in the lead role; Lyle Waggoner is as wooden as a board as her devoted hubby; I saw no traces of a satanic cult in evidence, despite what a couple other viewers wrote. Definitely a necrophiliac cult, but satanism is not mentioned. The film's topic would be unusual in a film even today, let alone 1972 when the film originally played theaters. Actually quite surprising none of the multiple DVD companies have ever released this on home video, nor to my knowledge do they have an plans to do so. Considering some of the utter rubbish put out on the medium, it would be nice if one of them would make this available in a widescreen transfer for home libraries.

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