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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-125 7 / 10

Girl meets girl, girl loses girl. . .

Love My Life (2006), directed by Koji Kawano, is a Japanese film about the love between two young lesbian women. Asami Imajuku plays Eri, a gamin-like university student who is in love with the more sophisticated and mature Ichiko (Rei Yoshii).

Naturally, the course of true love doesn't run true. The women have to deal with the sexism and homophobia of Japanese society. In addition, Ichiko is dependent on her father for the funds she needs to enter law school, and he is not charmed by Ichiko's lesbianism. Complications and crises prevent an easy, loving relationship to continue between the two women.

The movie has a charming sweetness about it, but not much in the way of substance. The characters are likable and attractive, and the love scene between them is delicate and romantic. However, I was hoping for something more substantial, and this was not the movie in which to find it.

The film will work well on DVD. We saw it in a theater as part of ImageOut--the Rochester NY Lesbian and Gay Film & Video Festival.

Reviewed by jmaruyama 7 / 10

A decent and sweet Lesbian love story...

Following on the heels of a number of recent Lesbian themed movies such as "Notes on a Scandal", "Maple Palm", "Loving Annabelle" and "Saving Face" comes Kawano Koji's much talked about Lesbian love story "Love My Life".

Adapted from the manga of the same name by popular female writer Yamaji Ebine, "Love My Life" stars Yoshii Rei (Yokai Dai Sensou) and Imajuku Asami (Tomie:The Beginning, Colors) as two attractive college students who also happen to be lovers and whose almost perfect relationship runs into some trouble.

Those expecting (or hoping for) a salacious, bawdy and sensationalistic film (like "Bound" or "Manji") will probably be disappointed as "Love My Life" does not have gratuitous scenes of the girls kissing and having sex. Rather, it plays very much like a conventional "J-Dorama" love story complete with the obligatory melodramatic plot lines, cute actresses and accompanying alternative "J-Rock" soundtrack.

Being a fan of Showtime's sometimes controversial "The L Word" drama series, I was pleasantly surprised at how similarly "Love My Life" focused on the relationship between the two girls. We get to know a lot about the characters and their lives...Izumi Ichiko (Yoshii) is the Literary Arts major who works part-time at a local CD music store and also does English to Japanese translation work on the side. Her father (played by Ishida Ira) has himself recently "come out" and is dating a very much younger man much to Ichiko's shock. Her brooding partner Eri, comes from a conservative family and has ambitions about pursuing law. While she has had many relationships in the past (both male and female) she feels that her relationship with Ichiko is different and wants very much to keep it strong.

As with "The L Word", the girls also have to deal with a number of common relationship issues as well as some specific to their sexual preference (past lovers, commitment, intimacy, prejudice, career goals, breakups).

It is to Kawano's credit that the story is told in an almost matter-of-fact and candid manner and without being relegated into a "soft porn" skin flick. The girls do share some moments of intimacy but it is done in a very brief, tasteful and touching manner (contrary to the somewhat erotic poster art).

Credit should also go to screenwriter Kanasugi Hiroko who successfully captured the tone and mood of Yamaji's manga work.

As noted the rock soundtrack is very good compliments of singer/songwriter Yoko whose upbeat songs match well with the film.

Some may find the film be a bit sappy and "too cute" at points but it is refreshing to see a good romance story where the characters seem like real people and not movie creations.

"Love My Life" is a bit of an oddity among Japanese movies but is a definite good movie which focuses on an alternate lifestyle, done in a way that doesn't make the Lesbian relationship out to be as lurid as has been portrayed in past films.

Reviewed by alexandrajade 8 / 10

Upbeat little slice of life among gay/lesbian youths in Japan

(I'm a little paranoid about that "unmarked spoiler" warning that goes on comments, so I _always_ mark spoilers, but I'm actually trying to keep them out of this review)

This is a very nice film that certainly left me with a smile on my face. This is the story of the (almost) irrepressibly bubbly Ichiko and her seemingly-older, more staid girlfriend Eri. There's no denying that they make a cute couple - if they didn't, they wouldn't be on the poster. Ichiko's friend Take, a gay man her own age, is another main character, though he has far less joie de vivre than does Ichiko. One of the main aspects of the movie is the reaction the respective fathers of Ichiko and Eri have to their relationship. Ichiko's father is understanding, and even goes so far as to unveil a personal secret that, in a bit of a roundabout way, makes father and daughter all the closer. Eri's father, however, is not just a homophobe but a misogynist, and how she deals with him is also a major story thread.

While there isn't a whole heck of a lot as far as actual dramatic conflict (the reason it fell to 8/10 for me), this little snapshot of life for these young people is really enjoyable and really immersive. You can't help but get drawn in. The atmosphere is very lighthearted yet at the same time true-to-life. You almost forget you're reading subtitles in order to follow the dialogue. This, unlike basically all other foreign-made LGBT-themed films I've seen, could easily have an American adaptation made (I'd certainly pay to see it). And while the film definitely is gay/lesbian-themed, there's virtually no explicit content (so don't get it if you're hoping for a softcore porno). Ichiko and Eri are shown from behind, fully nude, while sitting in bed. They're in the bathtub together once. They do have sex in the final scene of the film, but it's tastefully shot and no naughty parts are shown (just nips).

This is a story about being happy with the life you have, whatever it may be. And that's something everyone can relate to, and enjoy. I thoroughly recommend this film to anyone. It surprises me a little to learn it's based on a manga, something I've often derided in the past. Time to revisit that, maybe.

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