Love, of Course


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1006

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Kelly Rutherford as Amy Andolini
Cameron Mathison as Noah Ferris
Makenzie Vega as Cara Andolini

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

Hallmark romance

Amy Andolini (Kelly Rutherford) drives her daughter Cara (Makenzie Vega) away to college facing an empty nest. She encounters hunky groundskeeper Noah Ferris (Cameron Mathison). His friend tries to set him up on a blind date. Her friend tries to get her to set up the college harvest festival with an uncooperative professor. It's a six weeks job. It turns out that Ferris is the uncooperative professor of agricultural studies. She wants to give her daughter independence and someone wants to buy her house in L.A. He's a nomad with no personal attachments. It's a question of getting these two together.

The interesting name comes from American gymnast Gabby Douglas as the college roommate. She has a few minor scenes and seems like a solid actresses. She can easily get in a CW superhero show with all her acrobatic skills. As for this Hallmark romance, the first meet-cute is fine but it could be cuter. The second meet-cute is the missed opportunity. The audience should be surprised with his reveal along with her. Instead, it's not a surprise and again, it could be cuter. There is no real tension as there is no danger to the relationship. They face no real hurdles. In the worst possible outcome, they talk to each other frankly and move to Australia. Is Australia that bad? Hard to say but the story is never threatened with worst.

Reviewed by studioAT 5 / 10

Love, of Course

A different sort of Hallmark film, with it being less of an 'opposites attract' story, but more about moving onto the next stage of life.

I thought it was well-played and had some nice moments, but it wasn't one of my favourite Hallmark films.

Reviewed by phd_travel 8 / 10

Kelly Rutherford shines in this refreshingly different Hallmark romance

So wonderful to see the elegant and beautiful Kelly Rutherford in a lead romantic Hallmark movie. She deserves to be the star of many a TV movie - she's so watchable. She has chemistry with her co star Cameron Mathison. They are age an appropriate pairing and compatible looks wise.

The territory covered in this story isn't overly familiar Hallmark stuff like saving the small business. Instead we follow a single mom sending her girl off to college where she meets a professor. She helps to plan a Harvest Festival in the college and they gradually fall in love but not in a cheesy way that sometimes plagues Hallmark romances. She gets sick He brings soup. They face a few geographical hurdles which is quite realistic and not contrived.

McKenzie Vega of The Good Wife seems a strange choice to be her daughter since she doesn't look like her at all. Not that they had to get Blake Lively but at least someone a bit more similar.

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