Love on Iceland


Comedy / Romance

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Colin Donnell as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Iceland is the star, forget the story

Take the story outline of 100, no 1000, no even more than that, other Hallmark movies and flip around some details and set it in a most beautiful winter wonderland. I can't emphasize enough how overused the general story line is, from start to end.

As I've said before, when the story is not a factor, at least not a positive one, then look to the relationship building. Meh. Doubleday and Donell were OK together, but not that great either. There was a secondary romance which piqued a little interest but it was definitely secondary. The acting was OK also.

In this movie, it was the places they went featuring great scenery and some background and history behind those places.

Reviewed by cadpig1979 5 / 10

Iceland was the most interesting part

Unfortunately it was a disappointment. The storyline was weak, the acting was not great and there was chemistry whatsoever between the two main characters. Thankfully, Iceland is beautiful. Cause it was all that was worth from this one.

Reviewed by thbryn 6 / 10

Icelandic beauty

I was hoping for more from this new Hallmark. The story was ok as was the acting. That's it. What I was focused in on was the shots of Iceland which I expected to be much darker and more stark in its appearance. So I would recommend this film just to view this island country in the North Atlantic with its small population, cool climate, and high standard of living. The story was pleasant enough but visually there was a lot to look at.

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