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Reviewed by ccmiller1492 4 / 10

Not even the considerable charms of actor Don Taylor can redeem this jungle corn

The premise of a lost city of Amazon women who keep only one captured male alive as their "walking sperm bank" had some potential for interest, but not even the considerable manly charms of actor Don Taylor can save this crop of jungle corn. The Amazon women wear a kind of "Mother Hubbard" style jumper typical of the 50's and many of them are far from alluring. Their green-painted faces don't help much, either. The overall feel of the film is one of adventure, but what dramatic tension it manages to summon is thoroughly dissipated by the frequent lame attempts at humor. Mr. Taylor fares much better in a reversed situation in "The Girls of Pleasure Island", in which he is one of 1500 men competing for one of three nubile girls. If you like this theme, Bill Maher's comic "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death" is strikingly similar and may provide a few more genuine laughs.

Reviewed by seiokc 6 / 10

A good glimpse of "Sex in the Cinema" from the 50's.

It has been forty years since I saw this film. Then I was an early adolescent with raging hormones perhaps caused by the film. The women in this adventure-like film are not "Amazons" but rather typical of late 50's Hollywood. The plot was transparent but still interesting. The set and the color made this a good "B" movie.

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10

Making Use of Some Unused Film

This film begins with an American archeologist by the name of "Dr. Peter Masters" (Don Taylor) arriving in Brazil for some research at a local museum. It's during this time that he is approached in his hotel by a man named "Dr. Crespi" (Eduardo Ciannelli) who tells him a fantastic story about a tribe of Amazon women located in a remote part of the country. Although Dr. Masters doesn't believe him at first, he changes his mind when Dr. Crespi shows him a solid gold statue of an Amazon queen he obtained during his time there. To that effect, Dr. Masters wastes no time procuring funds for an expedition and they set off by boat up the Amazon River to locate this place. However, they first must battle pirates who have heard of the gold and riches that lie at the other end of this expedition and want it all for themselves. Now, what I understand, the director (Curt Siodmak) had just made a previous movie by the title of "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" and had some unused film left over which he had to use. If that is true, then it could explain why this film looks like it was so hurriedly done. Throw in some futile attempts at humor along with some jungle footage that looks like it was taken from "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" and the low-budget production values are impossible to ignore. Admittedly, the dance scene featuring a number of attractive Amazon women was rather entertaining, but it simply wasn't enough to overcome the other obvious flaws just mentioned and for that reason I have rated this movie accordingly. Below average.

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