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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by youngandrestless12345 9 / 10

It was Cute

This is pretty typical but it was also cute. Enjoyed it very much. Was pretty funny in some parts and thst was unexpected.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 8 / 10

"I'm too busy Being Fat and Mannish!"

A funny script, interspersed with good drama and suspense makes this an above average tv romance. There was great chemistry between the two leads, Kimberly-Sue Murray (perky and high maintenance Charlotte) and Steve Lund (dry and cynical Rob). There were several laugh-out-loud comic scenes between the two antagonists turned lovers, as well as tension and eventual tenderness. Each of the actors made the most of the script with their excellent comic timing. And that also goes for Nadine Whiteman Roden who played Tina, the owner of the Wilderness retreat's wife and eventual friend of Charlotte, our fish-out -of -water heroine. Her opening scene shaming an elderly "Karen" was classic. Charlotte is a devoted city girl who writes books giving relationship advice. When her fiancé dumps her, it puts her career on the verge of shambles. She changes focus and decided to write a book about how to survive in the wilderness. Just go with it.

Her showpiece scene is her panic attack while caught in an elevator with our eventual hero. He is not impressed, to say the least. His big scene is when the couple meet her snobby ex-boyfriend at a fancy restaurant who superciliously asks him what he does for a living. He replies in all seriousness that he is a Prince. So funny. And I loved how he had her back and put him in his place. The actor who played the cheating ex was a dead ringer for Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) which made the take-down all the more satisfying. I also wanted to give props to Tenika Davis who played Charlotte's affected snotty city friend, who inadvertently shows Charlotte that her heart is not in Chicago after all.

After adventures, when Charlotte submits her manuscript, her editor changes it to cruelly mock her new friends. They are hurt and betrayed. Tina won't speak to her, as she yells across the yard, "I'm too busy being "fat" and "mannish!"

Of course it all gets straightened out, and Rob's romantic declaration of love was sweet and touching. Like I said, the chemistry between these two actors was the best I've seen in a long time.

Reviewed by Pvrspecialist 10 / 10

Good actor selection

The actors were appropriate for the characters. Very down to earth, no squeaky voices. There is another with a similar theme with Christopher Russell and Cindy Busby. City girl, wilderness. Cindy not relatable and voice is grating. The actors in this film relateable and you actually feel for them and the two friends. Great movie and I watch alot of Hallmark movies which only Christmas Waltz rated a 10 for me.

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