Love's Portrait


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by cgvsluis 8 / 10

A sweet Irish romance that offers a second chance at happiness for two sweet people.

I was eagerly looking forward to seeing this Hallmark film and I was not disappointed, it was lovely. This was a fairytale like story in which an American Museum receives an anonymous donation of a painting that looks exactly like one of their employees Lily. The director of the museum who is both friend and boss to Lily send her to Ireland to find out who sent the painting and who painting the painting...this is our young widow Lily's journey and subsequent search in Ireland.

Filled with beautiful Irish scenery...Lily meets the painter who has been dreaming of her since he was eight and always adds a Lily as a kind of signature in his paintings because it was his mother's favorite flower.

Sweet, lovely and romantic...the romantics out there are going to love this film. Big thumbs up from me.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Soulmate? Destiny?

This is a fairly standard quest story with some romantic fantasy thrown in. The quest is for the source and history of the painting. Lily and William spend much of the movie on a leisurely paced quest. I found it a little too leisurely.

There is a bit of obsession with a cross between finding/having a soulmate and destiny. That's the romantic fantasy part because the story seems to prove one or the other or both.

I had trouble finding much chemistry between Aubrey Reynolds and Richard McWilliams. McWilliams was restrained and William's secret (which we learn very early) keeps an invisible barrier between them.

The boss, Michelle, was over the top annoying in the beginning but quieted down at least a little after that.

This movie was mostly a miss for me. It wasn't because of Aubrey Reynolds who held her own and her looks are attractive and mysterious at the same time. My main impression of the movie is a slow shallow story which wasn't helped by the obsession with the idea of a soulmate.

But I think many, especially less right brained people than me, will love this.

Reviewed by garysteinweg 9 / 10

A Beautiful Story Well Told

This was a beautiful movie, although a bit slowly paced, with beautiful country scenery throughout. Others have expanded on the plot, so I'll not replow that ground. A few observations, though.

I was reminded a lot of another movie from 2015, "The Age of Adaline." Lily (Aubrey Williams) showed much of the same grace as did Adaline (Blake Lively) throughout the movie. Coincidentally, William (Richard Williams) shared the same first name as did Adaline's first true love (Willliam, played by Harrison Ford). Also, a museum formed a basis of both stories.

The only shortcoming in this story, in my opinion, is the part played by Richard Williams. He's far too "wooden" in his portrayal of a person meeting and falling in love with the imaginary dream girl he painted from memory several years earlier. He doesn't smile much and he doesn't say much until the end of the movie, and even then, he doesn't show much emotion as everything reconciles at the end of the movie in typical Hallmark fashion.

This IS a movie worth watching a second time.

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