Lucie Aubrac

1997 [FRENCH]

Biography / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1225

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Heino Ferch as Barbie
Andrzej Seweryn as Lt. Schlondorff
Carole Bouquet as Lucie Aubrac
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by B24 8 / 10

La Resistance

Engaging story and performances involving members of the French resistance during World War II. Although I have not yet read the account on which it is based, I have no reason to believe the film takes too many liberties with the truth. The locations and sets seem very authentic, and the dialogue is evocative of the way people spoke at the time. Something exceptional is presented by way of action sequences, in fact, where attempts at re-enacting simple events on film often fail; namely, the interdiction of a convoy carrying prisoners and a particularly realistic execution scene. High marks are due the production crew for this one. The overall history of the French resistance is an extremely complicated tale to be retold for purposes of explaining just how this story resonates. Young viewers need to educate themselves in that history in order to appreciate fully this film's merits.

Reviewed by Jonno-4 7 / 10


This film is an excellent tribute to the bravery of the men and women of the French Resistance during the Second World War. The film revolves around Lucie and her attempts to rescue her husband, after he is arrested by the Gestapo at a Resistance meeting. This film is indeed a testimony to Lucie and Raymond's relationship, but in my mind, the film serves equally as an insight into France during the occupation and the political state at the time. An excellent film. - Jonno

Reviewed by maxwellsham 8 / 10

great movie

I love french movies what can I say. This one is really good as well. Interesting story I'd never really thought about. I was worried it would be old and bad you know like many period films are but this one is pretty well done. The acting is up to scratch and especially moments when the captives are in the prison and they really are feeling the pain and torture and still managing to resist the urge to stop it. Very few weaknesses as well. Lucie is really beautiful as well a pleasure to watch. Very desparate film which is well resolved. Overall worth a watch. I gave it 8.

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