Lurking Fear


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 1395

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Jon Finch as Bennett
Ashley Laurence as Cathryn Farrell
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Haggis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rabensblut 8 / 10

After reading the reviews, I thought crap, After seeing I say very good.

I am big fan of horror films, I saw tons of them, some of them were good some were bad. One of my friends advised me to see this one pointing that it is H.P.Lovecraft based horror film.

1. I know quite all the stories of the Master himself, but this had nothing to do with none of them. Maybe the plot reminded me of shadow over Innsmouth, where the boy finds out, that he is a part of this strange community and one day he is going to be like them. So please do not take it as HPL. If U want to see some HPL just take Dagon, that is real HPL influenced film.

2.The acting was not for Oscar nomination, but what do You want for a low budget flick. Jeffrey Combs is excellent, but anyway also the others did a good job. I saw that this film was made in Romania, I recognized this Pintea guy from Vlad Nemoritorul (Dracula - The Impaler) film, playing the undertaker with the scratched face.

3. The explosions - not every company has the money to do a great explosion. According to this, they did quite good job.

4. The ghouls - Very well made. I have to say they looked very good and realistic. Nice work.

5. The Gore - Not every film has to be as Lucio Fulci, but anyway here it was quite optimal. The only gore scene was that one with the heart. Or maybe I had a shorter version of the film so the gore scenes were cut out. Mine has 1:29.

Reviewed by Weirdling_Wolf 8 / 10

A deliciously doomy, frantically nihilistic, morbidly misanthropic horror movie.

'As above so nightmarish Leffert's Corners there's nowhere left to hide, the devil lurking in the earth below and crippling fear polluting the world above!'

In 1994 Full Moon Entertainment released another spectacularly grisly, darkly Gothic, H.P Lovecraft-inspired fear-fest 'Lurking Fear', a smartly written and ably directed low budget gut-puncher by C. Courtney Joyner. In the terminally desolated rural hamlet of Leffert's Corners, this archetypal, long-neglected ghost town is ignominiously dragged ever further into despond by the uncommonly foul, subterranean machinations of physically profane, evil-seeded, human flesh coveting fiends below them! To compound Leffert's Corners increasingly abject misery, of the four strangers who suddenly arrive into the isolated town, one includes John Mortense (Blake Adams) an estranged relative hoping to stake his claim on the benighted Mortense family's ill-gotten fortune, the young mercenary Mortense being closely followed by a malign mob of gun-happy goons led by an especially erudite B-Movie hoodlum Bennet (John Finch) a duplicitous ingrate who plans to secure the hidden loot for himself by any means necessary. The escalating brutality of the repellent gargoyles craven attacks and the hair-triggered villain's increasingly asinine behaviour galvanize locals Cathryn Farrell (Ashley Laurence) and slovenly booze hound Dr. Haggis (Jeffrey Combs) to stand their devil-polluted ground against these monstrous, earthly and unearthly travails! And it is in this desperate melee, claustrophobically cloistered within the town's majestically dilapidated church where the fulminating fear, far from lurking, surges bodily out of the stinking, cadaverous ferment to lace its icily gnarled fingers tightly around the viewers unsuspecting throat! 'Lurking Fear' for all its brevity is generously replete with sublime filmmaking talent, especially note worthy being the marvellously moody score by Jim Manzie and the triumphantly ghoulish, skin-crawlingly disturbing practical FX by Alchemyfx (Wayne Toth et al.) which remain an eye-poppingly lurid delight. The mouldering look of the credibly age-dilapidated sets by ace designer Milo make for a suitably sinister backdrop to these eldritch shenanigans, all of their outstanding artistic contributions lending this finely honed shocker a deliciously doomy, frantically nihilistic, morbidly misanthropic atmosphere that I'm sure the legendary author of the original story might strongly approve of!

Reviewed by loveablejohn-46629 7 / 10

A Good Action /Horror Movie

This movie was typical of a Full Moon Productions movie with average acting at best and a script that could have been better written. However the special effects were good especially the monsters and the cinematography was good as well.

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