Lust for Life


Action / Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 10219


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Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh
Anthony Quinn as Paul Gauguin
Marion Ross as Sister Clothilde
Henry Daniell as Theodorus Van Gogh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ben Burgraff (cariart) 10 / 10

Brilliant, Yet Painful Classic Offers Douglas' Finest Performance...

"Lust for Life", Vincente Minnelli's rich interpretation of Irving Stone's Vincent Van Gogh bio-novel, is a film both compelling and repelling; in delving into the psyche of the artist (unforgettably portrayed by Kirk Douglas), one can see an untrained, unbridled genius smashing convention to open viewers' eyes to a world defined by passion; yet in doing so, we share in the growing nightmares and agony of his creative mind, teetering toward the madness that would destroy him, and it is an unsettling experience, to be sure!

This is a film so rich in visual imagery (with a Technicolor 'palette' that attempts to recreate Van Gogh's view of his world), that it demands repeated viewings, just to savor the details. From wheat fields 'aflame' in color, to night skies that nearly writhe in waves of darkness, the elemental nature of the artist's vision is spectacularly captured. And in experiencing the world through his eyes, the loving, yet uncomprehending concern of his brother (James Donald), and more hedonistic, shallow patronizing, and gradual disgust of fellow artist Paul Gauguin (Anthony Quinn, in his Oscar-winning performance), become elemental 'barriers', as well. Van Gogh wants to 'speak', but no one can understand his 'language', not even the artist, himself!

Kirk Douglas never plunged as deeply into a portrayal as he did, in "Lust for Life", and the experience nearly crushed him, as he related in his autobiography, "Ragman's Son". His total immersion in the role SHOULD have won him an Oscar (Yul Brynner won, instead, for "The King and I"), and his bitterness and disappointment at the snub would haunt him, to this day. With the passage of time, his performance has only increased in luster and stature, and it certainly shows an actor at the top of his form!

"Lust for Life" is an unforgettable experience, not to be missed!

Reviewed by alec-woodward 9 / 10

Van Gogh & Kirk Douglas

Vincent Van Gogh was Kirk Douglas's finest role, and I believe no other actor could have bettered Douglas's performance. I have always wondered how much Kirk identified with Van Gogh, and his state of mind.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 2 / 10

Why glorify van Gogh?

I realize this is a famous movie, so if you're a Kirk Douglas fan, you're going to end up watching it, but I just didn't like it. For starters, it's a Vincent van Gogh biopic, and I'm not particularly interested in his life. After I watched the movie, I found myself even less interested in his life.

Yes, we all know his paintings, but Vincent van Gogh was far from a model citizen. He was moody, mentally ill, mean, and obsessive. Why does treating women badly, yelling at your friends, and caring about nothing but your art mean that Vincente Minnelli should direct a film about your life? I didn't see the point, and even though the fantastic actors Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn played van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, respectively, the movie is far from interesting.

If van Gogh is your favorite artist, yes, you'll want to see this one. But for those of you just looking for a good Kirk performance, rent The Bad and the Beautiful. Anthony Quinn won an Oscar for Lust for Life, but if you're a fan on the lookout for a great performance, he's much better as an emotionally tortured husband in Hot Spell.

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