Machine-Gun Kelly


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Charles Bronson as George R. 'Machine Gun' Kelly
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Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Elevating a small-time hood to almost hero status.

Many minor thugs of the 1930s were glamorized and their exploits way overstated in movies and TV shows (like "The Untouchables"). One of the more overstated was George "Machine Gun" Kelly--a mostly unsuccessful loser of a criminal who is given star treatment here in a low- budgeted Roger Corman film. So understand...much of what you see is fiction...especially the way Charles Bronson plays the guy like he was a complete psycho. It IS enjoyable to watch...just understand it's really not a history lesson!

In the film, Kelly mostly threatens and kills his criminal associates with the exception of his girlfriend. Some he shoots, some he betrays to the cops and two he pushes into a crate with a mountain lion so it can maul them!! Clearly, this sort of gangster had trouble getting along with others!! And, throughout the entire film, Kelly is a total jerk and is totally unhinged--like a psychotic with a bad migraine. As I already said, it is cool to watch...but also patently ridiculous. No one this nutty would be allowed out in public more than about 5 minutes before the guys with nets would show up to welcome him to his new home! I think the poster currently associating the movie on IMDb is about what you see in the movie!!

While most of the stuff Kelly does in the film is fiction, the second half of the movie is all about the very famous kidnapping case that brought him to national attention....and a long prison sentence. And, the craven way that he surrendered...that WAS the real George Kelly!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Bronson Turns Punk and Morey Goes Gay

For anyone who's looking for the real story of George 'Machine-Gun' Kelly they'll be in for a disappointment. In the wake of the success of The Untouchables on television, Hollywood was rediscovering the gangster era and the criminals that were household names in the Twenties and Thirties. Both the major studios and independents like Roger Corman took a crack at all their stories.

Although Kelly in real life was as big a punk as Charles Bronson plays him here, this is not his real story by a mile. Still Bronson does a good job and in fact this was the first film in which he was given first billing. He turns out in the film to be very good at bullying people, but when in a fight for his life, does a begging act that hadn't seen a cinematic equal since James Cagney turned yellow going to the chair in Angels With Dirty Faces.

The one with the real gonads in the outfit is his wife played by Susan Cabot. In fact Kelly is even intimidated by her mother, beautifully played by Connie Gilchrist as a bordello madam. She's a woman who's been handling his type for years.

The most interesting character in the film is Morey Amsterdam playing the flamboyantly gay Fandango, Kelly mob member. This was a time when gay was practically invisible and only an independent producer/director like Roger Corman in 1958 would have had a gay character.

Would that Amsterdam played a positive role model or that a positive role model was in the film to counterbalance. Amsterdam is very stereotypical and at that time there was no organized gay movement to protest. Over twenty years later there was a great hue and cry over the film Cruising and that would have been nothing had Machine-Gun Kelly come out then.

Machine-Gun Kelly is far from the best work that either Roger Corman or Charles Bronson ever did. Still it might be of interest for the curious.

Oh, and Kelly never utters those words he allegedly said about the FBI giving them their nickname of G-Men.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Corman misfire

Roger Corman is, of course, renowned as one of the leading purveyors of schlocky B-movie fare, particularly during the late 1950s when he first came to prominence. This was a guy who always knew how to bring in his movies under budget and how to make every nickel count. However, having just watched MACHINE-GUN KELLY, a true-life biopic of a Prohibition-era gangster, I have to say that I feel Corman's efforts were best suited to the horror and sci-fi genres.

The problem with MACHINE-GUN KELLY is that it just isn't very interesting. Despite the excitement inherent in the premise of having a bank robber as a film's leading character, this turns out to be a talky, staged and frankly dull affair in which the paucity of the budget is more than apparent. Sure, there are some decent sequences along the way, including a couple of exciting bank robberies and some interesting interludes with a big cat, but that's about it.

The focus of the film seems to be on characterisation, and in particular providing a character assassination of Kelly himself. He's portrayed as a guy who's an absolute coward when he doesn't have his gun in hand, and he ends up being manipulated by his associates and dames. Charles Bronson is great fun, of course, and it's nice to see him being more expressive than he would be in later years, but he has little to work with and long stretches of the film fall flat.

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