Mad About Mambo


Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6 10 1885

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Keri Russell as Lucy McLoughlin
Brian Cox as Sidney McLoughlin
William Ash as Danny Mitchell
Jim Norton as Brother Xavier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AriArnold 7 / 10

Such a sweet film

While I didn't expect this movie to get Godfather-like voting, I was so disappointed over the comments and the overall mark, that I felt the need to write a comment myself (which I usually never bother)

Many comments have pointed out that the title is misleading (no mambo in the film, only samba and rumba), the dancing is not top-notch, the storyline is typical (poor boy meets rich girl) and many characters are stereotype.

Nevertheless the movie is very sweet and touching. Both lead characters are adorable, the acting is overall good, most jokes are funny (albeit some over the top) and the idea of the film, a romantic comedy combining soccer and Latin dancing, set in grey and politically unstable Belfast, is pretty original. As for the dancing, we can see some beautiful legs and dresses and Keri Russell doing a decent job, while the level fits the reality of a couple where one part has only taken up lessons recently. In line with the story, the dance scenes are more about relationship than excellence. I found some of the characters to be very original, too (Rudi, Mickey).

I lived in Ireland for three years and got all nostalgic about the setting, the all-boys-schools, the typical Irish lads and the accents, so maybe I am biased. But still, Danny's and Lucy's pool dance was more romantic and touching than any scene in Dirty Dancing (which I love, by the way).

Reviewed by doodnaught 10 / 10

Not celluloid history, but fun none the less

What immediately caught my attention was the setting. Not a glorified, beautiful city, but a real, human reflection of Belfast. In terms of the movie, I found the lead male fostered a positive cathartic relationship with the audience, without the stereotypical poor boy/rich girl sympathies. I found, despite my two left feet, the mix of football and samba to be perfect. Although I was drawn aback when actress Keri Russell took the screen, she delivered a thoroughly enjoyable performance. Don't expect cinematic genius, just enjoy the film and its down to earth story.

Reviewed by tfishandchips 3 / 10

Mambo or Salsa?

Maybe the film is too European, because of the football and the cry out of social and political problems but, one thing's for sure, there is very little mambo, or none at all, in this movie. There was plenty of "salsa" and other modern "Latino" music in it, though. Maybe most of the world think that when you talk about mambo or salsa, you can put it all in the same box and say "It's all Latino music". There you are, missing the real concept. The movie was supposed to have told the story of a young footballer, wanting to improve his game by taking lessons of "samba", music originated in Brasil, but unfortunately the samba gets mixed up with the word mambo, and then mixed again with some "buenos días". How long is it going to take filmmakers to realise that it's very easy to find out the differences between different countries, cultures and music.

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