Mad God


Animation / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
IMDb Rating 7.0 10 1372

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Alex Cox as Last Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10

Bizarre and grotesque post-apocalypse stop-motion

Wow, work on this one began in 1987 and took over thirty years to complete! That alone marks this bit of stop-motion as a film worth considering. But is it worth viewing otherwise? I would have to say yes, but be under no illusions, this is not a film for everyone! There is no dialogue, so events onscreen are propelled by imagery and sound alone and its not honestly always easy to keep up with what is happening and why. On top of that, much of the imagery and events are of the grotesque variety, so viewers of a more sensitive bent should be warned. So, taking this into account, this tale of events in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world should best be approached by those with a taste for the bizarre and unpleasant. The imagery is extremely impressive, very often and this is one of those rare films which truly feels like an instant cult movie. Left-field animation fans should have a field day.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 8 / 10

Burn your eyes

We shouldn't have to tell you who Phil Tippett is. He's the artist who animated everything from the Star Wars miniature chess scene to ED-209 in RoboCop, the aliens of Starship Troopers and the dragons in Willow and Dragonslayer. He's been working Mad God for thirty years and let me tell you -- it was worth it.

An assassin explores a decimated world following a map that is rapidly falling to pieces, taking him through lawless mutant worlds and followed by faceless drones commanded by a monstrous infant. When he finally finds his target, it's a dud, his life's mission ruined and he's captured. Then, the film becomes something else, a metaphor for war, destruction, creation and so much more, all animated by a true master.

While this film was created by dream logic, it also has the destruction of the Tower of Babel, Repo Man director Alex Cox as The Last Man, electrocuted brains, cosmic babies, Hell, Heaven and honestly whatever you want it to be and anything that you see in it. There hasn't been a movie this formless or as willing to challenge you to answer what it's all about in, well, forever. It's a nihilistic apocalypse that somehow makes me want to celebrate being alive.

One of the sales lines for this film states: "Each piece of Mad God is handcrafted, independent and created from the heart."

This is a film that I feel like I could write thousands of words about and you still wouldn't know what it was truly about. You must see it and feel it for yourself. It's begging to be explored and dissected and just plain experienced.

Reviewed by beetlejuice82008 8 / 10

Fantasia Fest Screening -

The stop-motion animation in this movie is top notch. From the character design to the set pieces, the filmmakers put together a beautiful, eerie, post-apocalyptic world with an eye for texture and detail in order to build this world and make it a character in itself. The film has no dialogue, so it heavily relies on the creative sets and creature designs to speak for itself.

The entire film primarily follows the journey of the main character traveling through this industrial post-apocalyptic junkyard with a lot of grotesque creatures along the way, and as an audience member you need to be open to take this journey.

The film does move a bit slow, and the lack of dialogue might not be everyone's cup of tea', but it allows time for the movie to breathe and get immersed in the world it's trying to build.

It's gruesome, eerie, yet strangely beautiful, and kind of reminded me of an animated Mad Max.

If you love stop-motion animation, especially if it includes heavy elements of sci-fi - horror you'll want to check this out.

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