Mad Love


Horror / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 5073

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Ian Wolfe as Henry Orlac -, Stephen's Stepfather
Keye Luke as Dr. Wong
Sara Haden as Marie
Isabel Jewell as Marianne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

Really weird and exceptionally cool horror tale

This movie starts off relatively slowly and builds and builds to a wonderfully satisfying conclusion. So, if when you first start to watch it it seems a bit dull, please stick with it! Peter Lorre, in one of his earliest American films, plays the obsessive and twisted genius, Dr. Gogol. The part did NOT call for a subtle performance, and Lorre is just great in the role. He is completely infatuated with a stage actress and pledges his undying love for her--at which point she shatters him by telling him that she already is married to pianist, Colin Clive. Shortly after this awkward scene, Clive is in a serious railway accident and his hands are crushed. The doctors tell his wife that there is nothing they can do to save his hands, but the wife remembers Dr. Gogol and asks him to do whatever he can to save the hands. It just so happens that a man was just executed, so Gogol performs a hand transplant. However, quite unexpectedly, Colin's new hands seem to have a mind of their own!!! While this is pretty interesting, the plot does not follow the expected route--as there are some dandy twists and turns--particularly when Clive is implicated for murdering his own father! The very, very end of the film is so ironic and brilliant that this alone is reason to watch the film. Sure, it's well-written and acted as well and turns out to be one of the better horror-suspense films of the era.

By the way, try also watching the German silent film, THE HANDS OF ORLAC. MAD LOVE is a remake of this previous film but they are different enough that it's worth seeing them both.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Surgeon Obsessed

One thing about MGM even their B pictures looked like A products. No wonder it was called the Tiffany of studios. A modest programmer like Mad Love has a bit of elegance to it.

Peter Lorre all bug eyed when he's around Frances Drake stars in Mad Love. Basically he's as obsessed with her as the fans who killed Barbara Colby and Rebecca Schaefer. When actress Drake's concert pianist husband Colin Clive is injured necessitating amputation of his hands, the skill of Lorre with techniques way into the future attaches the hands of murderer Edward Brophy who had a nice skill of his own with throwing knives.

Is it the hands making Clive want to take up knife throwing? Lots of debate about that in the film and in the story, the Hands Of Orlac on which the film is based.

Lorre was always great at playing disturbed people starting right at the beginning of his career with Fritz Lang's M. Ted Healy is in this film as a rather bumptious American newspaperman. But this one is really Lorre's film as a cosmic joke of immense proportion is played on him.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

A minor horror classic, marred only by some unwelcome comic relief

The classic story of The Hands of Orlac is 'grafted' (sorry) on to this tale of doomed love and romance. Essentially a showcase for Peter Lorre's creepy talents, it's clear that without Lorre's presence this would be a much less interesting film. Every moment he's on screen, Lorre dominates the proceedings, and his physical image - bug eyes, bald head - has never been better than in this. He's creepy, disturbing and also strangely tragic, like a lost puppy.

This is very much a product of the '30s, and has the same highlights and low points as many other films of the time. On the plus side, the film is visually arresting, with crisp black and white photography adding plenty of atmosphere to the sets and scenery, highlighting the light and dark areas. The acting is pretty intense all round too; it comes dangerously close to being laughably over the top, yet it works for me. Lorre is excellent as the brilliant yet doomed doctor; Frances Drake is the beautiful object of his affection, and her physical presence was more than enough for me (I didn't really notice her acting abilities). Colin Clive is on hand to lend yet another harrowed performance in the FRANKENSTEIN vein, and it's only Ted Healy who disappoints as a reporter. This leads me on to the film's main flaw; the use of silly comic relief, and there's far too much of it.

This unwelcome comedy marred many films of the same period (check out THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN). Oh well, we can only watch and shake our heads and think how much things have moved on since then, I suppose. MAD LOVE does have a number of classy, exciting moments. The most memorable would be when Lorre dresses up in a neck brace and pretends to be the dead killer, returned from the grave (his image here was very influential - check out BODY PARTS). Clive's knife-throwing scenes are tremendously fun, while the fast-paced ending doesn't disappoint either. I really liked Edward Brophy's performance as the murderer Rollo, too - he was hilarious. A minor classic of the genre, this isn't scary but instead acts as a showcase for Lorre's huge talents, while being an entertaining, and quick-moving tale of madness, revenge, murder and...amputation!

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