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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Could have done with more magic

As has been said quite a few times, Hallmark's Christmas output is very hit and miss. Some though are above average level, and there are some surprisingly enjoyable ones amongst the average and less films that there is in a good deal of in their output. Have been on a roll for the past couple of years watching and reviewing as many Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas films every now and again and it has been interesting despite the quality being uneven.

'Magic Stocking' for me is in the middle/in between category when it comes to Hallmark's Christmas films overall and one of the middle/in between Christmas efforts of theirs from 2015. Really appreciated that it tried to do something different with the female lead and its more serious subject matter, but other Hallmark Christmas films with serious and deep subjects have done this a lot better where characters and situations were easier to root for.

There is a lot that is done really well in 'Magic Stocking'. It is very professionally filmed and the locations are simply beautiful. While a bit mixed on the music (a common flaw for Hallmark), it didn't feel as overused or over-scored as other Hallmark films. The acting is well done on the whole, with a brave and poignant performance from Bridget Regan and Imogen Tear is very charming and likeable (one of the better younger performers of all the recently seen Hallmark films, this is an aspect they have always varied in).

Iris Quinn steals every scene she's in and gives the film a lot of energy, liked her chemistry with Fred Henderson. The script is well intentioned and honest, not sounding awkward or corny at all. The story is not perfect (neither is the script) but the conflict does have tension, it was touching and it did warm the heart when it let itself go. Regan and Victor Webster do have an appealing chemistry when the relationship starts to develop which it does at a realistic rate. Did like that everything with the magic was not over-emphasised or take over too much of the story, while not being neglected.

However, can see where people are coming from regarding Regan's character and the story's tone. Despite it being a very serious and relatable situation, 'Magic Stocking' did in my view go overboard with the grief suffering. It actually is realistic for people to get worked up when grieving over small things or struggling to come to terms with a trauma, especially if one has mental health problems or is autistic. It does though here get a little too disproportionate and made the film get too morose and over-serious at times, and with her being like that for a lot of the film's length it was not hard to feel depressed. A far cry from the light-hearted fare typically associated tonally with Hallmark.

While not intrusive, there are times where the music did spell out the emotions a little too much. The script could have benefitted from a lighter touch and the story is at times on the slow and sentimental side. Webster has sympathetic moments, especially later on, and his chemistry with Regan later is lovely, but his character doesn't have the biggest of personalities to begin with which made him come over as bland.

All in all, not great but above average. 6/10.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 2 / 10

Not the usual Hallmark fare

It's very common in Hallmark Christmas movies to feature a widow or widower who is still too sad to fully embrace the Christmas spirit. In Magic Stocking, Bridget Regan hasn't celebrated Christmas since her husband died three years ago. Now that she's finally decided to celebrate the holiday, it's not exactly the Christmas of her daughter's (Imogen Tear) dreams. She wants a puppy, Bridget says no. She finds a magical Christmas stocking, Bridget repeatedly downplays it.

In addition to the mother-daughter relationship that's fraught with tension rather than cheesy Hallmark smiles, Bridget gets courted by a local handyman (who's actually a professional contractor) hired by the Mayor Fred Henderson. While I didn't like the main plot of the story, since I didn't think Bridget was a good mother, I really didn't like the romance. Victor Webster's character was far more depressing than the usual Hollywood fellows, and he seemed to bring her down far more often than lifting her up. Wouldn't you think a widow celebrating Christmas for the first time in years would need a very warm, outgoing, infectiously friendly man to bring her out of her shell and find love again - rather than someone quiet, argumentative, and full of his own emotional hurdles? Magic Stocking isn't my favorite, but if you want to see Victor Webster in something lighter, check out the cute Five Star Christmas.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 8 / 10

Make sure to ask for this film in your own Christmas Stocking. It is a keeper!

Hallmark movies are synonymous with corny and quick productions and this film is just a bit different because it is actually filled with the "season of miracles" as Mayor Fred Barnes (Fred Henderson) comments. The Mayor introduces his single and handsome building contractor Scott Terrell (Victor Webster) to event coordinator Lindsey Monroe (Bridget Regan) who join forces to restore a 30 year old tradition of lighting the annual Christmas tree under the towns yet to be built replica gazebo.

Lindsey's daughter Hannah Monroe (Imogen Tear) receives a free Christmas stocking from one of the ladies booth at the town hall bazaar which Hannah immediately hangs up on their fireplace mantle. Suddenly the stocking falls off of their mantle and an old locket and chain fall out which Hannah says is her moms since she was the one who discovered it. Grandma Donna Chastain (Iris Quinn) comes over to help out and now the three ladies (grandma Donna Chastain, mother Lindsey and daughter Hannah) get ready to prepare for Christmas in their own ways. Young Hannah wants a puppy named Lucky for Christmas and both grandma and Lindsey are currently without men in their lives so as any Hallmark movie should have, their is romance brewing in the air for these two lovely ladies.

Building contractor Scott Terrell experiences initial problems constructing and perfecting the town hall's gazebo without any blue prints and time is of the essence if the towns Christmas lights are to be turned on on Christmas Eve. Gradually we find out that Scott's heritage had something to do with building the original towns square gazebo and as if by magic , Lindsey and Scott's business plans are falling into place as is their love lives also seem to be falling into place.

Not to be outdone, Mayor Fred Barnes has been flirting with grandma Donna Chastain who wants nothing to do with his romantic intentions, at least initially anyways. (For personal interest Mayor Fred Barnes and grandma Donna Chastain are married to each other in real life) As the film unfolds there are interludes of grave disappointments as well as some very heart-warming scenes.

Mrs. Shullivan and I agreed that this Hallmark Christmas romance film is a keeper.

I give the film an 8 out of 10 rating

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