2004 [THAI]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juiceandfluids 10 / 10

Top of the list

Actually this one is one of my absolute favorites in Thai comedies. Even after watching this movie five or more times it's always a big good laugh, even though non-Thai might not get all the little verbal jokes. The story might seem somehow far-fetched to some of us westerners, but anyhow, the visual jokes are nothing less than terrific.Smart, beautiful and funny Benz, not only a movie actress, but also a well known singer, dancer and series star to Thai people, is just a real discovery. Her and all the other cast obviously have had a really good time making that movie. Great quality, great, great fun, pro-cast, perfectly shot - a blockbuster in Thailand and in my family.

Reviewed by Spuzzlightyear 6 / 10

M.A.I.D. in Thailand

M.A.I.D. is a chirpy little film from the people who brought you the delirious Iron Ladies about a group of women recruited to act as maids, when they're really super-spies trying to get some ultra-top secret information! If this all sounds a bit familiar, this is quite similar to the better-short-than-feature D.E.B.S. Where as this time, instead of school girls, they're domestics! All four girls here are hilarious here, in this somewhat-un-PC Thai comedy. You have to got to hand it to the Thai when one of the bigger jokes in the film involves how to say 'Madam' instead of "Ma Dung". All in all, this mad movie will make lovers of slapstick Thai comedy (you know who you are) very happy indeed.

Reviewed by ewlyahoocom 3 / 10

What's so funny?

Unless you speak Thai (or have really good subtitles) you're going to miss half the jokes e.g. they're mispronouncing "Madam" as "black dog", and "Jim" can mean vagina so the Caucasian lady is saying "now I have two vaginae: a big vagina and a black vagina". Funny, ain't it? The other reason to see this movie is to see Pornchita, a famous Thai model you've never heard of (her nickname is "Benz" like the car) playing the role of a country bumpkin. Still, it's better and more coherent than most Thai comedies, and better than that J-Lo vehicle you were reaching for when you accidentally picked this one up at the video store. But do yourself a favor: next time stick to the ghost movies. (Feel free to verify "vaginae" in your dictionary.)

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