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Harry Hamlin as Bart
Kate Jackson as Claire
Terry Kiser as Harrington
Stanley Kamel as Charlie

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Reviewed by preppy-3 10 / 10

A gay classic

A happily married doctor (Michael Ontkean) realizes he has sexual feelings about men. One day he meets openly gay Bart (Harry Hamlin) and falls in love. Meanwhile his wife Claire (Kate Jackson) can't understand why her husband is suddenly so cold and distant.

I saw this twice in a theatre back in 1982. I was a 20 year old closeted gay man seriously considering suicide. Basically this film saved my life. It portrayed gay men as sympathetic people--not victims or psychopaths or comic relief as other films did before this.

This was a groundbreaker for Hollywood and, at first, did very well at the box office. And, unlike other posters, I never had any audience walk-outs when I saw it. I saw it at a theatre in Boston and there was dead silence throughout--and applause at the end. Then business fell off when word got out that this was boring. In some way it is--they go out of their way to please everybody--gays and straights. The film lacks an edge that could have made it stronger BUT (in 1982) Hollywood was very timid about this subject--this probably went as far as studio executives would allow it.

Credit goes to Hamlin and Ontkean for playing gay characters (very rare in those days) and sharing a long passionate kiss together. Also they both gave good performances--especially Hamlin. The real surprise was Kate Jackson--she was INCREDIBLE in her role. When her husband comes out to her, her reaction is utterly believable and actually had me crying (the first time I saw it).

It's kind of sad that people still think this is gay propaganda (as one poster here does). It's just a compelling drama about a man coming to grips with his sexual orientation.

Seen today the movie may seem dated and WAY too timid, but this was the first major Hollywood film to deal realistically with gay men. That makes it a gay classic. I give it a 10.

Reviewed by twanurit 10 / 10

It Broke the Mold

The picture frequently gets a bad rap for being soap-opera-ish, timid, too white, too pat, etc. It remains a groundbreaker, for up to that time (1982), gays were either comedic relief, self-pitying ("Boys In the Band" - 1970), psycho-killers, or victims (includes "Philadelphia" - 1993). Released by a major studio (Fox), the film features characters who have some inner turmoil (the married doctor yearns for male affection in a carefree writer), but are NOT any of the above, which is refreshing and unheard of in 1982. Director Arthur Hiller (the supporting cast includes Arthur HILL and Wendy HILLER), elicits superb performances from Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson, and Harry Hamlin, backed by Leonard Rosenman's pretty score, including the title track, this is a captivating, touching drama with no violent, tragic, degrading ending. How many times has one see that depicted in a gay-themed motion picture?

Reviewed by ML368 10 / 10

Ahead of it's time

This is a beautiful story that was years ahead of its time. It deals with a young doctor who realizes that he is gay and the consequences it has on his marriage and his life. As the lead character begins to explore his new sexual identity, he gets involved with a commitment phobic writer and the movie explores issues of commitment, love, infidelity, rejection. But most importantly the movie shows the importance of being true to oneself. It is an extremely gay positive film and the filmmakers are not afraid to explore the depths of the characters struggle. All characters are portrayed honestly and realistically and the viewer is never given the feeling that the filmmakers are trying so hard to get the approval of the straight audience as in "Philadelphia". It is simply an honest and accurate portrayal of one man coming to terms with being gay. All performances are top notch and the ending so bittersweet that one cannot help but shed tears. A wonderful coming out story that i know had a profound impact on many gay men.

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