Making Spirits Bright


Drama / Romance

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Ryan McDonald as Pat Demic
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Hatfield and McCoys string Christmas lights

This is a pretty common take on the Christmas decoration feuding families. The one slightly fresh angle is celebrating the traditional approach over the noisy techy approach. The techy contest entry in this movie would definitely get annoying after a while, maybe after as little as two times through. The broad strokes of the story are definitely predictable and as is common for Hallmark, they wrapped up too many threads in HEA bows.

When the story is mostly same old stuff, I enjoy these movies when the leads' relationship has a chance to shine. In this movie, Grace and Tony got shorted on screen time. Maybe it was too many threads. Maybe it was too much contest.

I'm also not a fan of the arrogance and trash talking which in this movie almost reached the point of physical violence. The whole feuding angle was more than I would like to see, especially if, as I said, the relationship was shorted as a result.

There is a nice theme of reconciliation in more than one thread.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 7 / 10

A Bright Light

This was a very sweet story with a lot of charm. Even though this was pretty low-key, it kept my interest throughout. Taylor Cole and Carlo Marks were excellent together. I've not always liked Taylor Cole, but she really came through as a small town family oriented girl, which is not a part one would usually associate with her. I don't think I've seen a Christmas movie based on the business of decorating houses before. So although the Romeo and Juliet outline was pretty standard stuff, the background it is set against is unusual.

Grace and Tony are the offspring of two fathers who have been feuding for years. They were once close friends and partners in a Christmas decorating business but their differing work styles drove them apart. Tony's father is a perfectionist which has caused him to miss deadlines and not get the job done. He puts art above money. Grace's father is into efficiency and making a profit. They both enter the town's Christmas decorating contest as competitors. However in an effort to defeat a mutual enemy who emphasizes technology over heart and tradition, they end up trying to work together.

There are some genuinely touching moments in this and romance is sweet, thanks to the chemistry between the two leads. The Romeo and Juliet romance is appealing as they go from uncertainty to friendship and then love. I loved the relationship of the two mothers, who have remained secret friends throughout their husbands' feud. Also adding an interesting dynamic was the fraught relationship between Grace and her partner in their home-staging business.

Reviewed by jewhitmer25 9 / 10

Feuding families

Taylor Cole and Carlo Marks were great together, great chemistry. Usually Carlo gives me the impression that he is working a scene with his older sister, as an actor he is showing a lot more maturity now, good to see.

Just a word or two about Wade's light displays, why aren't they blowing every transformer within a 3 county area. Clearly a seizure waiting to happen. After the first two minutes this kind of display would be very annoying.

Garry Chalk as Bill Ryan, he is such a good actor, always does a stupendous job playing the Dad, happy to see him getting a little more of the action.

The family feuding got to be a little much at times, the film could have used a lot less feud and more teamwork.

My Advice: Watch the movie, it's worth it,

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