Malcolm & Marie


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 3543

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 4 / 10

Insanely Pretentious

This movie was exactly what i was expecting when i saw the poster.

It is insanely pretentious that it is sometimes cringeworthy.

I think this is an interesting concept, a film consisting of just two people and showing their relationship over the course of a single night. After watching i think it might work better as a short film as by the end of its run time it seemed like it just had nothing else to say and felt like the same arguments over and over again.

The male character is a film maker that thinks he is the best film maker since slice bread and the whole time i just couldn't stop thinking that he was just a mouth piece for the director. His words felt like the directors. It was like film school pretentiousness with him constantly talking about certain directors and certain moves and not understanding them like Citizen Kane.

The whole shooting on film and in black and white was just done to be artsy in my eyes. Maybe it added something a little different to it but i thought it made this gorgeous house look terrible because the film was so noisy resulting in it being so grainy.

The construction of some shots were really nice.

The acting was ok. Zendaya was pretty good but the male lead was a little over the top for me. The script was another issue. It was so over written. It didn't feel like people talking, it felt like words of a page.

The plot was sort of infuriating. It repeated its self so much.

The worst part of the movie though was the plot regarding the critic. It was wrote from such a bitter place. The director obviously had a bad review from the LA Times probably the review for Assassination Nation. It was so awkward to watch. It is brought up so much and so often. Really really bad.

I would say you could definitely skip it.

Reviewed by bluepink 4 / 10

Great acting & cinematography, but the story didn't go anywhere

Great performances from Zendaya and JDW. In particular I think that JDW really nailed that role. Zendaya was great too, she's super talented - but I wasn't feeling her in this particular role.

To provide some context, the dialogue felt out of place for both characters, as it didn't really feel like dialogue that normal people would say. Mainly for Zendaya in particular - the nature of the content that she was saying, made me think that character would have been better fitting for someone older.

The arguments go around in circles, which is true to reality - but it's the type of thing that can get annoying to watch (& boring). I was really hoping for a big ending, but the story peeked at around the middle, and there was nowhere for it to go.

It wasn't terrible, and I can see why some people would like it. It just wasn't for me. It's different to most movies, so you may want to watch it because of that aspect.

Reviewed by skellaci 1 / 10

Free Spoiler

There's nothing to spoil in this movie . No plot and nothing happened ( well they fight for 106 min and THE END !!!! ) ; If I submitted the same screenplay to Hollywood it would get thrown to the trash can .

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