1973 [ITALIAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2491

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Reviewed by Karl Self 10 / 10

I'll never wash my eyes again

I saw Malizia in a plain Italian version (no dubs, no subtitles), so I didn't understand any of the dialogue. But wow, this is probably the most erotic film I've ever seen, and will possibly ever see. This accolade is in large part due to Laura Antonelli, an actress I wasn't aware of until now. She is gorgeous and her acting is outstanding.

The action takes place in an upper-class family in Sicily, where the mother has died and is supplanted by a young housekeeper, Angela (Laura Antonelli). Although she becomes engaged to the widower rather quickly, she is no tramp or gold digger. She really enjoys being a housekeeper and mother to the three boys, although she isn't much older than some of them, and seems genuinely attached to the cavaliere. Her role is very complex and subtle -- she is attractive and coy, a girl who has taken on a very mature role. While the benjamin still misses his real mama, the teenage sons and the father are enthralled and spellbound by her.

What could be a beautifully shot erotic fluffpiece then takes a twist towards a much darker side. Realising that he won't win her over romantically, the middle son, Nino, begins to harass, blackmail and eventually dominate Angela, by exploiting her precarious social position as someone who is just a servant and at risk of being socially ostracised. I think that Angela also feels protective of her ward, and is not least not entirely unreceptive to his advances. And at the time, blowing the whistle on sexual harassment just wasn't socially acceptable -- the perpetrator was thus always at an advantage. But eventually, Angela manages to turn the table and break free from Nino.

This is not only the most erotic, it is one of the best movies I have seen, ever. It's perfect. Don't let the fact that Laura Antonelli is drop-dead gorgeous or that this is an erotic movie filmed in 1973 fool you into lumping this masterpiece in with softcore flicks from the same era.

Reviewed by OpinionatedJM 10 / 10

Transgressive in a fun way

This film is excellent! does away with norms and moral regulations that seem to be the norm these days even in independent cinema, where things must in the end be "right" or explained from a psychobabble ethical point of view blah blah..

This movie surprised me in that in a very beautiful magnificent yet simple way explores the desires of youth with humor and honesty, fantastic ending, great acting, gorgeous visuals and I loved the soundtrack!!

I would love to see this in HD because the color treatment is great and that soundtrack would be amazing to have.

Reviewed by jasontheterrible 8 / 10

Fast, witty, deft insights

If you enjoy rapid-fire wit this film pleases like few others. Unfortunately some versions of English subtitles do not capture many of the best lines. There is some full frontal nudity at the end but most of the eroticism and comedy comes from two of the three brothers who are being driven crazy by the hot new maid, through no fault of her own. The youngest boy is also funny as the oblivious locomotive not interested in propriety. The father and two brothers fall in love and lust and while she is trying to be loyal to the widower dad, one of his sons cannot stop provoking and enticing her. He is also the most interesting character suffering with raging hormones, inexperience and a Machiavellian streak.

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