Mamá se fue de viaje

2019 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 140

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lggarciaym 1 / 10

Can mexican movies go any lower?

I just write this review out of compassion for other moviegoers. Please don´t spend your money, or even more importantly, your time in this piece of garbage. I don´t remember halving walked out of a movie in a long long time. This movie seems like a poor attempt of a group of under-achieving pre-teens of producing an act for school drama. Or worse. Actors are less than amateur, direction is nonexistent, production is ridiculous, filled with cliches, no useful dialogue whatsoever, etc. And above all, having to endure director´s daughter lousy songs, made me sick from scene 1. I regret ever having had the idea of seeing this terrible thing, not even fair calling it "movie".

Reviewed by avilachristopher-95959 3 / 10

Todo mal excepto Martin Altomaro.

De las peores películas que he visto en mi vida. Solo vale la pena Martin Altomaro, que sin esforzarse es el salvavidas.

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