Mama's Boy


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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spiderspinner 9 / 10

Outstanding Documentary!

Before watching "Mama's Boy", I was aware that Mr. Black had won an Oscar for writing "Milk", about the gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk. I was also aware of his relationship with the charming, uber-cute British diver, Tom Daley, and that there is a large age difference between the two. And that was pretty much it.

The structure of this documentary is such that I have come away with what feels like a deep understanding of what makes Mr. Black tick, as well as an appreciation of the obstacles he has overcome. He describes his mother as having a "strong heart" and it is clear that her good-heartedness is a trait that she passed on to her children. The documentary focuses primarily on his mother, and from that life, on the family she created despite almost overwhelming odds. The narrative flow is very smooth as it derives from a strictly linear chronology (excepting the very opening scene), and the use of in-person interviews and family records rounds out the storytelling quite effectively.

For me, the only unanswered question was why Mr. Black, after changing his surname to the name of his first stepfather - and, given his natural father's behavior, rejecting his birth name seems completely understandable - felt no similar desire (given, once revealed, that latter man's far worse behavior) to instead honor the man (his mother's third husband) who was a loving husband and better father than the first two combined. In other words, I would think he would rather be known as Dustin Lance Bisch.

Ultimately , the story we witness is positive and uplifting. I recommend this documentary, and not just to the GLBTQ community and their allies, but to all those whose opinions are not set in stone. Mr. Black shows how bridge-building is always possible, and, indeed, common ground is the "land" we all hope to arrive at, and all can thrive on.

Reviewed by adamsandel 10 / 10

Loving, powerful and inspirational

This is a moving portrait of how a very special woman overcame incredible odds and raised one of the most gifted writers and LGBT activists of our time.

In telling the story of the family and background that shaped him, Dustin Lance Black creates a portrait that is more vivid and moving than any work of fiction.

His journey from poverty and struggle in the most religiously conservative parts of the country, to the Oscar stage, to building bridges and understanding within the homophobic Mormon church, is much more than a tale of self-discovery and coming out.

The beautifully crafted documentary is infused with love. It celebrates the impact that a strong and loving woman can have on her children, and in this case, on the evolving attitudes of our society.

Reviewed by helenahandbasket-93734 2 / 10

Maybe Writing Is His Forte?

'Oh he won an Oscar so he must tell an amazing story!'

That's what I thought when I saw the promo come up on HBOMax- I was wrong. Maybe had a read it the story may have had more emphasis but I doubt it.

Dustin is a little too breathless, a little too dramatic to allow the viewer to fall into the story, and I didn't even make it halfway before finally turning it off altogether.

Aside from the obnoxious telling by Dustin, we're also treated to polio nonsense that compares the vaccine to the Covid vaccine (no really) and completely ignores the real truth behind polio, how it spread, why it spread so rapidly, why you didn't want to be one of the first to get the vaccine, how the filth contributes to spread, and some genuine falsehoods that as an healthcare frontline worker, makes me think this is more about creating drama than informing people of the truth.

I've seen many of his works and haven't been as enthralled as the Hollywood elites (to the point of throwing awards at him so they can feel like they did something valuable) but he's managed to tell the stories in an interesting way that held me until the end; this does nothing close.

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