Man on the Moon


Action / Biography / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 121170


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Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman
Danny DeVito as George Shapiro
Christopher Lloyd as Christopher Lloyd - 'Taxi' Actor
Paul Giamatti as Bob Zmuda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomd-19929 5 / 10

really ?

I have never heard of this film until recently...extremely disappointing to say the least...cannot for the life of me understand why it has such a high rating on here , must have been one of them where you needed to watch it when it came out?. No thankyou very much.

Reviewed by sme_no_densetsu 8 / 10

Proof that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

Milos Forman's "Man on the Moon" is a biopic of famed entertainer Andy Kaufman, who was a unique individual to say the least. Usually classified as a comedian, Kaufman's antics were the sort that defy easy categorization. He pushed the boundaries of comedy, often challenging audiences with material that was just as likely to result in jeers, boredom and/or discomfort rather than laughter.

In the movie, Jim Carrey plays Andy with total commitment, which is amply demonstrated in this year's feature length documentary "Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond". He was denied an Oscar nomination for his efforts but he did snag his second consecutive Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy (having won the previous year for "The Truman Show"). Leaving aside awards recognition, Carrey seemed to capture the spirit of Kaufman's inspired lunacy in what is probably one of his best (semi-) dramatic performances. The supporting cast is also quite intriguing, not the least for including several individuals playing themselves, such as wrestler Jerry Lawler, talk show host David Letterman, "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels and most of the cast of "Taxi". Other notables (not playing themselves) include Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti and Courtney Love. Overall, it's a nicely assembled cast that did Andy proud.

Being based on a true story, the movie's plot probably won't hold too many surprises for die-hard Kaufman fans but others should find it quite interesting. Some of it seems hard to believe but from what I've read it seems that the movie hewed fairly close to the actual events. In fact, even the staging of some scenes closely matches the original television broadcasts. Credit is undoubtedly due to Milos Forman and his crew for bringing the movie to life with keen attention to detail in its period setting. Naturally, with two-time Oscar-winner Forman at the helm, the movie is in good hands from a visual standpoint but the audio department also benefits from a soundtrack that was largely composed by Rock and Roll Hall of Famers R.E.M. This of course includes their classic song that supplied the film with its title.

Ultimately, though, "Man in the Moon" is, like its subject, unlikely to appeal to everyone. Kaufman's antics could sometimes stretch the definition of 'entertainment' but that's what made him so unique. I can see why he didn't consider himself a comedian, which might be a bit of a problem for viewers checking out this movie with an expectation of something resembling mainstream comedy. Personally, I find the movie to be entertaining and memorable both because of and despite its eccentricities.

Reviewed by FilmBuff1994 9 / 10

A Delightful Film that's just as Ridiculous and Absurd as Andy Kaufman was,

Man on the Moon is a terrific film with a very well developed plot and a spectacular cast. It is a truly interesting, unconventional biography film that follows the life of complicated, eccentric comedian Andy Kaufman. It does not hold back on showcasing who this man truly was as both a performer and in real life, the film matches up the tone to who he was as a person in a way that I think would have made Kaufman proud had he been around to see this.

The only real gripe I had with this movie is that it did not really manage to pull me in at the more emotional moments because of how absurd and over the top it is, for the most part. When they tried to showcase real humanity for Kaufman, it just felt a little too forced and on the nose.

The performances are magnificent, Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti and Courtney Love all truly embody their characters in larger than life performances, but it is without a doubt the remarkable Carrey who really takes us away from beginning to end. He is mesmerizing as Kaufman, funny and emphatic, you will forget you are watching him and just get absorbed in to his portrayal.

A great watch. Funny and fascinating, Man on the Moon is a truly unique movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good biography or comedy.

Follows the life and career of eccentric comedian Andy Kaufman.

Best Performance: Jim Carrey

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