Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Run-of-the-mill sequel written by Larry Cohen that might have displayed more wit and vitality

In New York city , Policewoman is gunned down, staying in coma , and being accused of use excessive force by the nasty delinquents . Then the grossly disfigured police Robert D'Zar returning from his grave to wreak futher vendetta yet again, as he emerges to exact gory revenge as the good guys attempt to get rid of him once and for all . As the huge maniac cop goes on his vengeance, why never matters .

Run-of-the mill and routine sequel with usual elements as noisy action , thrills , chills , car pursuits , shootouts , grisly violence , high body-count and lots of blood and gore. As it is, despite abundant action and involving a fistful of murders , the overall effects is sluggish . A medium-budget slasher/thriller that too often saga, but it has more action than the previous entries , outstanding the final scenes when our starring Robert Davi and a nurse are mercilessly chased by the psycho killer , maniac cop throughtout the railway . Blood and guts fly as any plot shortcomings are intelligently masked by an array of lethal , sadistic and violent deaths . This is third of the William Lusting's Maniac cop trilogy about the cop goes beyond the realm of sanity and turns vigilante, being formed by the following ones : "Maniac Cop" 1988 with Tom Atkins , Bruce Campbell, Laurene Landon , Richard Roundtree , William Smith , Shree North , Sam Raimi. "Maniac Cop II" with Robert Davi, Claudia Christian , Michael Lerner , Bruce Campbell , Clarence Williams III, Leo Rossi, James Dixon . An this "Maniac Cop III Badge of Silence" with Robert Davi , Paul Gleason , Doug Savant , Jackie Earle Haley , Robert Forster and of course Robert D'Zar as the zombiefied cop Matt Cordell . All of them were written by Larry Cohen and middlingly but professionally made.

The picture was regularly directed by William Lusting , who here used the frequent pseudonym Alan Smithee , giving a passable filck in which interpretations , occasional bizarre details and camerawork are solid enough , but both cutting and filmmaking are flabby and formulary. This craftsman filmmaker has made various films with plenty of violence , action and terror , such as : "Uncle Sam" , "Relentless" , "The Hit list" , "Vigilante" and "Maniac" . Rating : 5/10 . Average but passable and acceptable .

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10

Overly generic...

Having watched all three of these movies within days of each other, the conclusion is essentially that they should have left it with the campiness and cheesiness of the first movie. Especially since it was just downhill after that first movie.

"Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence" actually didn't much sense, especially in comparison to the previous two movies. The overall here just feels like a series of random shots had been put together for a movie, as if they had given different directors free reigns to just do whatever they wanted and then patches their individual products together at the end during production.

The story line in "Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence" was laughable at best. It was so predictable that it almost hurt. You could essentially start watching the movie, leave for a while and come back, and you would still be fully up to speed with what was going on in the movie.

As for the characters, well Matt Cordell had turned into a farce by now here in the third movie. But if you enjoyed the second movie, then you might actually find some enjoyment in this third addition to the franchise.

The special effects were nothing outstanding, and just basically continued on in the same pace as the second movie. The effects, of course, show the signs of the age in which they were created. Just a friendly word of advice, don't expect too much here.

By now with the third movie it felt like they were just squeezing out the last drops available. It didn't really feel like there was any heart and soul added to this movie.

I have now watched this third movie, and with it I will let Matt Cordell rest, because it was definitely much needed after strained two sequels.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

One more patrol

But what if the Maniac Cop found love?

This is the question we must answer.

Aren't we all worthy of adoration?

Even those of us who have risen from the grave and killed numerous people in an obsessive quest for bloody revenge?

But first, the problem of bringing back the Maniac Cop, Officer Matthew Cordell, played once again by Robert Z'Dar. Leave that to Houngan Malfaiteur, played by Julius Harris from Hell Up In Harlem, Black Caesar and Superfly. I love the character names that Harris had in movies, like Tee Hee Johnson in Live and Let Die, Gravedigger in Darkman and Speedbagger in Prayer of the Rollerboys. He uses the dark powers of voodoo to bring our favorite boy in blue back from the beyond.

Meanwhile, there's also another cop named Katie Sullivan (Gretchen Becker, who is also in Firehead and was Martin Landau's partner until the end of his life) who gets shot in a convenience store holdup. Thanks to more police corruption, she's painted as using excessive force and the man who shot her is due to go free, which upsets investigating officer Sean McKinney (the returning - and always awesome - Robert Davi).

It also upsets the Maniac Cop, who shows up to the hospital ready for mayhem. He kills one guy with defibrillator paddles and another with straight-up x-ray radiation. And the four reporters who joined in on Kate's frameup? Toast.

McKinney joins up with Doctor Susan Fowler (Caitlin Dulany, who along with Jesica Barth, formed Voices in Action after the multiple accusations against Harvey Weinstein) to investigate the murders and Kate's strange behavior, even though she's braindead.

The Maniac Cop is interested in Kate, who Houngan claims refuses to return from the land of the dead. So he does what any of us would do. He sets everything - including himself - on fire.

Despite getting blown up real good, the body of the titular protagonist survives enough to hold Kate's charred hand, even in the morgue.

This movie is packed with talent, including The Breakfast Club's Paul Gleason, one-time Freddy Krueger actor Jackie Earle Haley as holdup man Frank Jessup, and Doug Savant from Melrose Place and Robert Forster as doctors.

The church used in the film is the same location as Prince of Darkness, LA's Union Center for the Arts.

Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence had a troubled production. Despite director William Lustig's rough cut clocking in at just 51 minutes, he refused to shoot the additional scenes the producers wanted. That's why the Blue Underground release has Alan Smithee listed as director. To fill in the gaps, there are several scenes that are obvious outtakes from Maniac Cop 2.

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