Maniac Killer



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Robert Ginty as Gondrand
Bo Svenson as Count Silvano
Shailar Coby as Professor Roger Osborne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mathis_Vogel 4 / 10

Undrestandably obscure

Maniac Killer is a typically surreal Eurociné production. There's no gore, in case you're hoping director Bianchi would repeat his blood feast from Burial Ground. There is an extremely unconvincing shootout, everyone seems to get shot in the the stomach(most convenient place to strap on a squib?) Robert Ginty (the Exterminator) crushes a glass in his hand - of course he's evil. There's a shaky hand-held shot of the Eiffel tower. There's also a village idiot reminiscent of Bob in City of the living dead. Maniac Killer is as low on any action as Gianni Martucci's the Red Monks. Nothing happens. Still, there is certain weirdness to the film.

Reviewed by dr inferno 6 / 10

entertaining, but no gore

I must first say that I was kind of disappointed by the lack of gore in this movie by Andrea Bianchi (director of Burial Ground). Having seen the gorefest that is Burial Ground, I was expecting something along those lines, but it's not. Nevertheless, this movie was entertaining with its bad acting and its plot that barely make sense.

It's the story of a weird cult that kidnaps prostitutes in a small French village, and tortures "inquisition style" in order to purify their souls. But, soon the local pimp and others will seek revenge. It also includes a scientist from California that uses the village idiot to capture small animals to experiment on them.

Entertaining, if you want to laugh at a bad movie.

Reviewed by andreygrachev 8 / 10


Wou. Another horror film from great director Andrea Bianchi. It is not much gored. But it has nice locations, perverted rich bastards, the atmosphere of another dimension. Sometimes I was thinking about some Chechz old films. The film is rather slow, but not boring. As usual the actors show rather unusual perverted personalities, science fiction detective man, local freak and many more details, reminding of Russian writer Yuri Mamleyev. The far out underworld with rather moody afternoon picture and hypnotic score. I would recommend that film to someone who really likes psychedelic awesome vision on cinema. Andrey Grachev. If you like Andrea Bianchi, please, write to me. I am gathering all possible info about him.

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